Passengers Travel by Sea; Pets Meet Up The Other Side

Kennels and cattery on Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2 are usually sold out a year in advance (Credit: Cunard Line) - Airpets is based near Heathrow’s Terminal 5“I hope to make people realise how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us,trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs” – James Herriot – Famous British Veterinary Surgeon and Author (1916-1995). 

How to Travel, Sail and Relocate Stress-free with Your Pets. As a nation of animal lovers, we all know that having a pet is just the same as adding a new member to our family. The strong, close bond that develops between owners and pets can be as important and valuable as any human relationship.

Therefore, the sheer prospect of parting from your beloved companion during the travel or relocation process can be a stressful and daunting experience – and at The Cruise People, they fully understand and support your concerns.

Therefore, as so many of their lovely clients are pet parents and have over the years expressed an interest in travelling, cruising, sailing and relocating together with their precious pets, they have decided to share some important and helpful information and options regarding pet travel.

Firstly, and very unfortunately, no ships apart from the Queen Mary 2 will accept pets any longer. CMA CGM stopped carrying pets ton its French West Indies route a few years ago, while Mineral Shipping out of Savannah stopped a few years before that. So If you wish to sail on the QM2, we strongly advise that you book your pet as quickly as possible, as kennels and cattery spaces sell out up to a year in advance.

Your second, and in The Cruise People‘s opinion, the best option is to use the services of a highly reputable pet travel and relocation firm.

The Cruise People have done some in-depth research into this topic, as well as consulted a top London veterinary surgeon with years of experience in this field and are now pleased to recommend a well-known and well-trusted company to you.

Airpets is a family-owned business and the most experienced pet relocation company in the UK, with over fifty years in business (since 1966) and tens of thousands of professional and safe pet moves.

They offer a 5-star door-to -door pet relocation service to destinations across the globe. Their highly-experienced, dedicated and compassionate staff will be at hand not only to organise your pet’s journey, but also to ensure that all animals remain safe, healthy and happy (and you’ll also receive regular updates on your pets wellbeing).

All of their facilities (pet hotel and quarantine centre) can be found at a prime location-immediately opposite to Heathrow Terminal 5 -in order to make your pet’s journey as short and stress-free as possible. You can rest assured that your pet will receive the best care and attention at all times,so that you can have peace of mind and focus on your own travel arrangements.

Airpets are members of IPATA (International Pet & Animal Transportation Association),which makes them trusted pet travel shipping experts and their glowing Trustpilot and Google reviews from happy pet parents speak for themselves. So we invite you to visit their website, read more about their services and speak to one of their friendly and helpful pet travel consultants at

And finally, once you have sorted out your pet travel arrangements, don’t stress yourself any further.

Just take a deep breath, relax and visualise a happy and positive outcome as The Cruise People look after your own seagoing adventure, because you are leaving your pet in safe hands (just like so many other pet parents did before you) and very soon, you’ll be reunited for plenty of cuddles, play time and long walks at your new destination.

And always remember that a happy,calm and stress-free pet parent = a happy, calm and stress-free pet.

All pet contracts will be with Airpets, while the seagoing aspect of your requirements will be looked after by The Cruise People acting as agents for shipowners. The Cruise People meanwhile wishes clients and their pets safe and healthy travels and very much look forward to assisting them with their next cruise or voyage booking.

To contact The Cruise People directly with any questions or enquiries, please email us at or call on 020 7723 2450 or UK Freephone 0800 526313. From North America please call toll free on 1-800-516-6950.

(The Cruise People, Airpets)