BA’s Perspective on the Resumption of Cruising

Bermello Ajamil & Partners  (Logo)This weekend marked a big milestone for the cruise industry – every major cruise line has returned to revenue cruises since the start of the pandemic, almost 17 months since cruise lines around the world voluntarily shut down.

These ships have resumed sailing in regions all over the world – Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, the Galapagos, Asia, and the Middle East – with varying levels of protocols in place dependent on the specific brand and itinerary (see BAs dashboard for protocol summary by line/itinerary).

Today, over 120 ships are carrying vacation travelers again. By October, based on current announcements by operators, that figure will jump to ~190 ships, which equates to over half of the global fleet in terms of lower berths. By year’s end, operators have announced that ~220 ships plan to be in operation. A snapshot of the ships in operation today from the major brands, and their anticipated ships in operation in October and December, are shown below:

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