Alaska’s Governor, Juneau Mayor & UnCruise Adventures Are Uniting to Promote Safe Travel

UnCruise Adventures (Logo) Alaska is open for travelers again and UnCruise Adventures is ready to show you the last frontier in true Alaskan fashion.

Today the small boat operator announced that Alaska’s Governor Dunleavy and Juneau’s Mayor Weldon will join the Companies CEO for a press conference Monday March 22 at 9:30 a.m. PST.

The trio will address vaccines, testing, cruise lines, UnCruise Adventures move to fully vaccinated cruises, and the challenges of reopening for travel throughout the pandemic. The briefing invites national and international media to join a live video call for a Q & A session with the hosts that will also be live-streamed on the company’s social media.

Commenting on the upcoming press conference, Captain Dan Blanchard, CEO of UnCruise Adventures stated, “I want people to know Alaska is open, wide open! Alaska has the highest vaccination rate in the nation, and we can’t wait to share our wild natural areas with guests. Our decision to move to fully vaccinated cruises will help our guests and crew experience Alaska in the safest way possible.”

UnCruise Adventures will likely be one of the few small-ship companies operating in Alaska this year. They will also be the largest provider of cruise itineraries this season. This year’s adventure cruises highlight the best of Southeast Alaska with a focus on the health and safety of guests and crew.

“My prime concern is the safety of my crew, who work on our vessels for weeks or months at a time,” Blanchard continues. “Vaccinations, combined with testing, take us to an entirely new level of safety compared to testing alone. I would be neglectful in my duties, as the owner of UnCruise Adventures, to not require vaccinations onboard our vessels.”

The company’s updated vaccine policy and travel resources can be found on its website

(UnCruise Adventures)