The Pandaw Clinics Emergency Appeal

The situation in Myanmar has now broken down and shootings and other acts of violence by the military proliferate on the streets, not just of big cities, but every town and village in the country.

“The Pandaw Clinics medical teams are actively providing medical aid to injured people in the Middle Burma towns and villages in which we operate. Our doctors are out with the demonstrators and ready to assist. Only yesterday they attended a sixteen-year old boy shot with a live round in his face at Pagan.

We have opened our seven clinics to offer medical assistance to all striking workers at a time when government medical facilities have closed. We believe we are well placed with a long established non-governmental healthcare network to assist at this time.

We need all the help we can get and please donate now to buy urgently needed medical supplies. By doing this you can show your support for the Myanmar people’s struggle to regain freedom and democracy.

The Pandaw Clinics were set up in the wake of Cyclone Nargis in 2008 and the seven clinics treat 5,000 patients a month providing medication without charge.

All this is paid for by the generosity of Pandaw passengers.”

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