Cruise and Maritime Voyages guests witness the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights, is nature’s natural light show – a dazzling display of vivid green and pink hues that swirl and dance across the winter skies of the Northern Hemisphere.

It is the natural phenomenon that literally brightens dark winter nights and draws thousands of onlookers.

Cruise deep into the Arctic Circle to Norwegian lands rich in natural wonders and populated by Sami tribes who have lived off the harsh terrain for generations. This is a place where nature and adventure go hand in hand on snowmobile expeditions through silent forests or husky safaris where visitors can take command of their own dog sled. Or, embrace the elements in wonderful Iceland; discover the wonders of this ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, and uncover the culture of cosmopolitan Reykjavík.

Last month, Magellan sailed in search of the Aurora Borealis and her guests were treated to spectacular shows. These pictures were taken on the Northern Lights Cruise to Norway. For many people, this phenomenon is on their travel wish list and with CMV you can look forward to searching for the Northern Lights in 2021.