Patriot Travel Reviews 7 New Viking River Cruise Ships for 2020

Viking Cruises (logo)Between the elite Viking Osiris’ exciting itinerary through some of Egypt’s best sights, and the remarkably impressive design and accommodations of the Viking sister ships on the Rhine, the only real downside of ever choosing Viking River Cruises® is not knowing which stunning cruiser to take for a ride first in 2020.

Four of the lucky new ships, slightly modified Longships known as Viking Fjorgyn, Viking Kari, Viking Radgrid, and Viking Skaga, will be setting sail on the Seine River in France come spring. Though they might be slightly smaller than some of the similar vessels Viking is known for offering, it’s remarkably obvious not a single amenity was missed in creating these outstanding pleasure cruisers.

Offering an unbeatably cozy, serene setting, these magnificent river cruisers are designed to allow the most intimate and exclusive experiences for couples and independent passengers who wish to arrive in Paris’ city center, also known as the “Heart of Paris,” with something to really brag about!

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