Cruise Baltic becomes the first paper-free cruise network

Printed material is history at Cruise Baltic. The action to become paper-free is in line with the cruise network’s ambition for the Baltic Sea to become the most sustainable cruise destination in the world.

The paperless initiative means that from now on, Cruise Baltic does not print any brochures or leaflets at all to any markets. Thereby, the network becomes the first completely paper-free cruise network.

“To be the first paper-free cruise network was important to us and a natural step on our sustainable journey. We think sustainability into everything we do, and it is crucial if we want to be leading the green agenda that we are sustainable throughout our organization and at the same time, we hope to inspire our partners,” explains Claus Bødker, Director of Cruise Baltic.

The only printed materials the network has left are business cards, which are made of 100% recycled t-shirt offcuts that would otherwise normally get thrown away.

Sustainability in all actions
Sustainable choices are nothing new to the network. Cruise Baltic always consider giveaways very carefully and handpick everything through thorough research into material, packaging, production methods etc. and the network support suppliers and organisations with a sustainable profile. All actions are done to stay as sustainable as possible. The same goes for roll-ups and all other materials at conferences and trade shows, even down to the smallest details like pens and cups, are made from sustainable materials.

Cruise Baltic also tries to convey and inspire to sustainability through production of booths at trade shows. The booth at Seatrade Europe last year, was a prime example of thinking sustainability into all parts of the work, as it was made from recycled and re-usable materials complemented by sustainable furniture.

“We take all these steps in a sustainable direction, because we find it important to contribute to a better environment. Actions speak louder than words,” says Claus Bødker.

The paperless initiative is just a small part of the many sustainable actions taken by Cruise Baltic. In 2019, 29 partners signed ‘The Cruise Baltic Sustainability Manifesto’ at the Baltic Sustainable Cruise Conference in Copenhagen. The manifesto was created together with all partners of Cruise Baltic as a joint vision towards a more sustainable region.

(Cruise Baltic)