Extra Time for AIDAs “All Inclusive Summer”

AIDA Cruises (Logo)From 30 January 2020, AIDA Cruises will be offering the new AIDA PREMIUM ALL INCLUSIVE tariff. This allows guests to enjoy a maximum on holiday freedom at a special price and with optimum cost control.

The tariff is valid for many AIDA summer cruises starting from a length of 7 days and starting in the period April to October in the Baltic Sea, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea.

Due to the great positive response, AIDA extends its January promotion “All inclusive summer” and makes booking much easier. As a result, even more AIDA fans and new customers will have the opportunity to realise a wish-free, happy holiday with AIDA.

The tariff includes – in addition to the attractive AIDA PREMIUM and all-inclusive services – the most comprehensive beverage package “AIDA Comfort Deluxe” and a social media flat rate for the entire duration of the trip. This allows guests to enjoy the extensive range of drinks from latte macchiato to cocktails at all bars and restaurants and to be online during their holiday at WhatsApp, Instagram & Co. without limit.

AIDA has also made the booking process considerably easier: Guests can now conveniently book the desired cruise at the AIDA PREMIUM ALL INCLUSIVE tariff. This eliminates the need to book the package separately.

(AIDA Cruises)