Pandaw in India: river boats on the Upper Ganges are now running well

The Kindat Pandaw “After a somewhat chaotic start, with many a navigational challenge, we are pleased to announce that our two Pandaws on the Upper Ganges are now running well with great feedback coming in from passengers”.

“Sadly due to the obstruction of pontoon bridges (that were supposed to be opened for us but were not!) we will sail as far at Bahr near Patna and continue overland to Bodh Gaya and then on to Varanasi staying in deluxe hotels. Passengers will still see the best of the Hoogly and Ganges rivers and the revised itinerary allows more time for explorations ashore”, Pandaw founder Paul Strachan says.

“The Upper Ganges is the most challenging river expedition we have ever undertaken in our 25 years. It is most definitely the most rewarding but strictly for the flexibly minded up for real adventure”.

(Pandaw Cruises)