Coin Ceremony For Quark Expeditions’ “Ultramarine” Held At Brodosplit Shipyard

Quark Expeditions Ultramarine (Rendering courtesy Quark Expeditions July 2019)For the first time, a coin ceremony was held at Brodosplit where the coin was welded to the keel of a polar cruise ship which will carry the name “Ultramarine”.

Ultramarine is a technologically advanced polar expedition ship, contracted with the US company Quark Expeditions, a member of Travelopia Group which brings together the world’s most diverse range of adventure travel companies.

The coin itself symbolizes to the client a personal approach to polar explorations. Quark Expeditions creates expeditionary experiences that go beyond what others in the industry have to offer – especially in terms of the experiences offered when passengers disembark. Ultramarine is designed in a way to be able to go further and take people to places that no one else can.


The ship 128 meters long, 21.5 meters wide and weighting 13,500 gross tons will set sail in 2020 accommodating up to 200 passengers in spacious cabins and public spaces. It offer an incredible range of adventure options, allowing guests to make the most of their spontaneous adventures when on land while enjoying the supreme comfort once they are back on board.

Ultramarine will be an operational base for unrevealed polar adventures. The new ship in the hands of the most experienced expedition team will enable guests to go deeper into the polar regions than ever before, maintaining always the respect for nature, which has always been Quark Expeditions’ guiding principle. Ultramarine will allow guests to spend their days experiencing the off-ship adventures that made Quark Expeditions so popular. And once they return to the ship after a day spent on polar exploration, they will be able to rest and relax in a modern, contemporary, premium quality space.

This ship will be the new pride of Croatian shipbuilding and a Brodosplit’s positive new step forward to the market of passenger ships up to 200 meters, where Croatian shipyards can compete and take the position of an indispensable European shipyard that builds very complex profit-making vessels and achieves high competitiveness.

(Quark Expeditions)