Official sales opening for Ponant’s Le Commandant-Charcot Summer 2021 Arctic Cruises

Fincantieri's subsidiary Vard Will Build The First Arctic LNG Cruise Vessel For Ponant  (Artist impression, Stirling Design Int.)Book your summer 2021 expedition cruise aboard Le Commandant-Charcot and be one of the first to embark on this polar expedition, the only one of its kind in the world.

Sail completely new and unique itineraries at the heart of the Arctic ice in refined luxury:

• Discover the iconic sites of the polar adventures led by French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot.

• Push the very boundaries of sea cruising towards the Holy Grail of polar exploration: the North Pole!

• Traverse the legendary Northwest Passage and sail right to the heart of the region’s most famous sites.

Book as soon as possible to save up to 30% off your fare and receive your preferred cabin.

Inaugural cruise – In the wake of Captain Jean-Baptiste Charcot
At the boundaries of the Arctic territories, PONANT invites you on the inaugural cruise of Le Commandant-Charcot, the first hybrid electric polar exploration vessel.

This exceptional 15-day voyage between Iceland and Greenland will take you to discover the emblematic sites of the polar adventure led by the famous French explorer, Jean-Baptiste Charcot.

Your journey will start in Le Havre, which has been the starting point for many expeditions in direction of the frozen territories of the north. After passing the Rockall Rock, frequently battered by impressive waves, you will sail along the coast of the Alftanes Peninsula, in the south-west of Iceland.

New itineraries include the geographic North Pole, the eastern coast of Greenland, the Northwest Passage, the Ross Sea, and the Charcot and Peter I Islands.