Portland Port welcomed a brand new luxury expedition cruise ship on her inaugural visit, The Hanseatic Nature

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises' Hanseatic Nature - Above pictured at Portland Port, UK on May 26th 2019Yesterday, May 26th 2019, was a truly remarkable day and a date to mark in the calendar! Portland Port welcomed a brand new state of the art upmarket luxury expedition cruise ship on her inaugural visit, The Hanseatic Nature. As one of the 18 German cruise ship’s Portland have coming in this year, The Hanseatic Nature is operated by Hapag-Lloyd cruises who have now entered the expedition travel market.

She is the first of three structurally identical ships in the cruise line’s new expedition class. “Inspired by nature”, nature is not only experienced outside but is also reflected in the ship’s interior design. Its construction, design and routes revolve around providing a true expedition experience and getting as close to nature as possible.

The new ship can accommodate up to 230 guests and was only completed this year. Portland Port has seen an increasing rise in the number of German cruise ship’s calling this season, and is expecting over 17,000 German passengers alone this year, showing the increasing appeal of the region to the German market.

The ship’s itinerary programme is based on cruise expeditions to polar destinations including the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as tropical destinations like the Southsea’s and the Amazon so for Portland Port to be included is a very proud and momentous occasion.

Ian McQuade Commercial Manager commented ‘to have a ship of such unique qualities come into Portland on her inaugural voyage is truly amazing, and we are so privileged to be able to be a part of it and to be included so early on in the vessels life’.

This marks a significant development for Portland Port and it shows how attractive the port is not only to the mass market but now to luxury brands as well.

(Portland Harbour Authority)