One Ocean Expeditions Announces 2019 Arctic Artists in Residence with friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute

One Ocean Expeditions - OOE (Logo)Mid-summer 2019, small ship expedition cruise operator, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), will embark on the inaugural South Baffin – Art, Wildlife & Culture voyage in the Canadian Arctic.

Joining guests on the voyage will be the newly appointed Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute’s (FoSPRI) Arctic Artist in Residence, Lesley Burr – chosen from a host of applicants who applied for an annual residency in the Arctic sponsored by OOE.

Sailing on board the comfortable and ice-capable RCGS Resolute, guests will experience the extraordinary fjords and fissures of South Baffin Island and the Hudson Strait combined with visits to a series of galleries showcasing the distinctive sculptures and artworks created by the Inuit people of Baffin Island, many of which are inspired by the wild and craggy landscapes of the island.

For the last 4 years, OOE has been proud to offer a place on board an Arctic summer voyage to an artist with a profound connection to the polar regions combined with a highly acclaimed body of work. Lesley successfully gained her place following a proposal to chronicle imagery of the Arctic, responding directly to what is seen, heard and found, using sketchbooks, studies and photographs to record experiences and observations first-hand.

Listed in Who’s Who in Art, contemporary artist, Lesley Burr studied drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art. Following public exhibitions at renowned galleries such as Glasgow Print Studio, The Royal Academy London, The Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh and Smith Art Museum, Stirling, Lesley has won multiple awards for her work including Scottish Natural Heritage artist in residence and to the Faroe Islands Print Workshop.

Having travelled to various remote locations including the Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway, the northern mountains and wilderness are an important element in Lesley’s artwork. Originally painting polar bears after being inspired by the effects of climate change on nature and habitats, Lesley became deeply intrigued by imagery of the Arctic, the cycle of life, climate change, human endeavour, historical journeys and traces of life in the past – all of which are abundant on South Baffin Island.

Lesley Burr’s appointment as the Friends of SPRI’s Arctic Artist in Residence 2019 will provide the opportunity to immerse herself in the light and landscape of the Arctic to record and capture the visual beauty of the wilderness of these remote locations.

“The Arctic has long since held a fascination for me having lived in the remote Shetland Islands and presently on the West Coast of Scotland so there is constant connection with the sea and the North. The physical landscape – northern imagery, the loss of ice and fragility, the plight of climate change and the resilience of nature is a current theme and will be part of the focus of chronicling imagery that is discovered on this incredible voyage to Southern Baffin Island”, says Lesley.

Lesley will join OOE’s South Baffin – Arts, Wildlife & Culture voyage (30 July – 9 August 2019) to explore the stunning fissures and fjords indenting the southern coast of Baffin Island – the fifth largest island in the world. Sailing from Iqaluit, this 10-night expedition allows time to visit a series of art galleries showcasing the talents of Inuit artists including a visit to Cape Dorset, known as the ‘Capital of Inuit Art’, taking in the traditions, skilful artwork and distinctive sculptures passed through generations. Encounters with polar bears and walruses, as well as the spectacular icebergs drifting south on the Davis Strait and hikes at the strikingly beautiful Shaftesbury Inlet, provide further outstanding highlights of the island’s impressive wildlife and landscapes.

The cruise prices for the 10-night, South Baffin – Art, Wildlife & Culture voyage begin at US$7,995 per person in a Triple shared cabin and US$10,295 per person in a Twin Private cabin plus US$1,995 per person for return charter flights Ottawa/Iqaluit/Ottawa. Bookings made before 31 May 2019 will benefit from a US$2000 per person travel incentive deducted from the cruise price.

About Friends of SPRI – the association of Friends was established in 1946 to provide individuals with a way of supporting the important work of the Scott Polar Research Institute. Funds are raised through subscriptions of varying levels to suit all pockets. Friends of SPRI provide assistance to all aspects of the Institute’s work as requested by Institute staff, principally through financial and practical help for the Library, Museum and Picture Library.

(One Ocean Expeditions)