The Adventure Canada “Club Young Explorers” Program is now open for applications for the 2019 sailing season

The Ocean EndeavourAdventure Canada and the Explorers Club hope to engage, inspire, and educate by connecting people to the land and to each other through field science and innovating travel experiences.

The purpose of the Young Explorers Program is to encourage and facilitate the spirit of exploration through the pursuit of science, art, and conservation.

Aboard the ship, young people conduct work ranging from sampling seawater for micropastics to interviewing fisherman about the past and future of their industry. They undertake experiments looking for connections between culinary traditions across regions, explore trends in climate change data, create film projects, sample sound data, and examine traffic trends and wildlife in major waterways.

They also investigate the past of exploration and the future of expedition travel, and help us better understand our place within this narrative.

To date, thirty-one participants have taken part in the program. In 2019, Adventure Canada is offering space aboard our Ireland Circumnavigation and In the Wake of the Vikings expeditions.

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in applying for this program, we encourage you to visit “” and complete the application form. Applications are due by January 20, 2019.

(Adventure Canada)