Valparaiso Port to receive the first cruise vessel for the 2018/2019 season

VTP - Valparaiso Passenger Terminal (Chile)The Port of Valparaiso will receive its first cruise vessel of the 2018/2018 season, with the scheduled call of the vessel L’Austral on October 25th.

The vessel from the French company Ponant will berth at the pier in Terminal Cerros de Valparaiso (TCVAL), arriving from Easter Island, along with 214 passengers, who will be received by the personnel of Valparaiso Passenger Terminal (VTP) during their process of disembarking.

L’Austral is scheduled to remain in the World Heritage city for a day and a half, than proceeding to the Argentinean port of Ushuaia.

On the other hand, with the call of L’Austral, the Port of Valparaiso initiates its 2018/2019 season, a period in which it will receive 21 cruise vessels until the end of March of the following year.

Concerning this, Juan Esteban Bilbao, general manager of VTP, has reassured that they expect Valparaiso to return and once again be positioned as a preferred destination for cruise companies.

“We are very optimistic in reversing, in the shortest amount of time, the situation that affects the cruise industry in Valparaiso, mainly thanks to the confirmation of the calls from Viking Cruises and Cruise Maritime & Voyages lines, which have confirmed their arrival to this port for the years 2019 and 2020, which adds to the already confirmed, Crystal Cruises, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, MSC Cruises and Silversea Cruises. We also hope that the prompt construction of the cruise berth, proposed by Agunsa and approved by Valparaiso Port, will be a determining factor that accelerates the recovery of these calls, which never should been lost within the framework of the tourist industry,” he expressed.

“We are working hand in hand with the Under secretariat of Tourism to recoup not only the confidence of the owners but also to create new tourist routes, like the one that we hope to consolidate between Chile and Panama for 2020. Valparaiso should be the home port for Chile, considering its condition as a World Heritage site has all the attributes and conditions to position itself at an international level as a tourist destination,” commented the VTP general manager.

On the other hand, Bilbao reiterated the importance of the tourist industry for the Port city so “it is key to emphasize the role that the cruise vessels play in strengthening the entire tourism and hotel industry.”

“If as a country and as a region we manage to increase the interest in the destination and therefore the visits, a whole chain is created. First, jobs increase, since it requires personnel and significant logistics to meet all the requirements it needs to attend the vessels, passengers and tourists. Hotel demand grows, transport services, tourist circuits, gastronomy benefits and all of the demands for the local products. Guides and hosts are required, therefore it even strengthens the educational area as there is a greater need for professionals in all of the aforementioned areas. Even the cities are forced to innovate and invest in infrastructure to satisfy the demands of the demanding tourist whose daily spending exceeds $100 dollars,” he said.

“Dress Up”
Among the cruise vessel that will arrive, Juan Esteban Bilbao singled out the visit of Azamara Pursuit, the latest vessel from the luxurious company, Azamara Club Cruises, a line that will be in Valparaiso for the first time to explore its cultural and architectural heritage.

“This Ship, which will arrive on December 7th, is a challenge that we have not only as a passenger terminal. Valparaiso in its entirety must “dress up” to receive these new visitors. This call will be key to position our beloved port and capture the attention and interests of other shipping companies and tourists from all over the world”, reassured Bilbao.

(Valparaiso Passenger Terminal – VTP)