River Conveyance of AIDAnova

AIDANova at Meyer Werft (Photo credit Meyer Werft)The new cruise ship for AIDA Cruises, AIDAnova, will probably leave Papenburg on Monday, October 8, 2018 to be conveyed on the river Ems to Eemshaven (Netherlands). The ship is planned to arrive in Eemshaven on Tuesday morning. Later on the ship will go through several days of technical and nautical sea trials on the North Sea.

The Ems barrier will be helping the AIDAnova to pass through the river Ems, a procedure which will be kept as short as possible. The following schedule has been drawn up for the conveyance of the new cruise ship, with changes possible at short notice due to the weather and tidal conditions:

Monday, October 8, 2018
Approx. 07.00 am: departure from shipyard (Papenburg)
Approx. 08.00 am: ship passes sea lock (Papenburg)
Approx. 02.30 pm: ship passes Friesenbridge (Weener)
Approx. 07.00 pm: ship passes Jann Berghaus Bridge (Leer)
Approx. 11.15 pm: arrival at the river Ems barrier (Gandersum)

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Approx. 1.00 am: ship passes the Ems barrier
Approx. 2.30 am: ship passes Emden
Approx. 9.00 am: Arrival Eemshaven

All details are subject to the wind, weather and water levels and are therefore without guarantee. Timings can be changed at short notice.

Once again, a team of river pilots from Emden will be responsible for manoeuvring the ship to Eemshaven. The pilots on the river Ems also looked after the MEYER WERFT ships during their passage to the North Sea in previous years. The whole team trained the conveyance at the computerised simulator in Wageningen (Netherlands) to be better prepared for the task.

For the numerous visitors who want to watch the spectacular crossing from the dikes along the Ems, AIDA Cruises distributes pretzels, croissants, coffee and tea at the Meyer shipyard, at the Friesen-bridge and at the Jann-Berghaus-bridge.

The AIDAnova will proceed in reverse up the river Ems to the North Sea. This approach has proven successful in the past as it makes it easier to manoeuvre the ship. Two tugs will be providing assistance in the process.

(Meyer Werft)