CLIA Europe And MedCruise Sign Partnership Deal

MedCruise, the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports, and Cruise Lines International Association, Europe (CLIA Europe), have today (21 June) signed a new partnership deal in Brussels.

The organisations will work together to promote the cruise business in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, Adriatic Sea, North Africa and near Atlantic. Through the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding, both will coordinate to present a unified position to support sustainable cruise growth before European Union organisations, national governments, local authorities and other stakeholders.

Kyriakos Anastassiadis, CLIA Europe Chairman said: “We are delighted to be working so closely with MedCruise, we both have distinct areas of expertise and represent a broad membership and this partnership will enhance both our operations.”

Airam Díaz Pastor, President of MedCruise commented: “The cruise lines are extremely important to MedCruise’s members and it is vital that we work closer together. Today we signify that we want to build a stronger relationship between ports and cruise lines which will help us both to grow the contribution the cruise sector makes to the region that represents the 15.8% of the cruise ships global deployment share.”

Under the new deal, MedCruise and CLIA Europe will share statistics, studies and reports of common interest on trends in the industry, shipbuilding and new technologies; collaborate with professional development; and create new standalone studies related to the cruise industry.

A joint committee comprised of members of both organisations will be formed. This agreement signed at the heart of the European Union symbolise the importance of this partnership deal between MedCruise and CLIA Europe.

(CLIA Europe, MedCruise)