SuperStar Virgo Presents a Fragrant Journey for Ladies in the Month of March

With International Women’s Day and Chinese Girls’ Day around the corner, the month of March is indeed a time to celebrate femininity.

Star Cruises presents a series of special privileges and enrichment programs to pamper lady guests onboard flagship SuperStar Virgo, including thematic agarwood-themed staterooms, Cheongsam tea parties, charisma workshops, floral arrangement and incense ceremony seminars, as well as complimentary professional photography service.

● Agarwood-themed staterooms – a haven especially tailored for ladies
Agarwood is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world; also known as “the king of incense”, agarwood is the product of a formation found in lign-aloe trees, which could take up to centuries. Twenty oceanview staterooms onboard SuperStar Virgo have been selected exclusively for the curation of agarwood-themed staterooms, complete with “the fragrant trio” of agarwood essential oil, agarwood incense and agarwood tea, where lady guests can enjoy a unique experience of oriental aromatherapy throughout their journey at sea. During the promotion period, guests may book the agarwood-theme staterooms at the price of regular oceanview staterooms on first-come first-served basis, without any surcharge.

● Learn the ropes from China’s top model and thrive in the spotlight
Top model Wang Yiyi hails 20 years of experience as a professional model in China and has made appearance in numerous commercials. Wang and her team of professionals will be onboard SuperStar Virgo to host a series of four seminars on charisma to unleash the inner supermodel of lady guests through intensive training of physical movement, facial expressions, grooming and photogenic skills. Students may also enroll in the Miss Photogenic Contest by having their photos taken by professional photographer at designated timeslot for a chance to win grand prizes of jade jewelry.

● Exude beauty and elegance at “Cheongsam and Jade” tea party
Cheongsam is an iconic garment of Chinese femininity. Ladies are welcomed to put on their favorite cheongsam to join the “Cheongsam and Jade” tea party and enjoy Cheongsam fashion show, Cheongsam and jewels mix-and-match workshop, Chinese dance tutorial and more. There will also be a grand lucky draw with giveaways of jade jewelry and modern Cheongsam. Complimentary Cheongsam rental service will be available onboard for all guests to experience the joy of wearing Cheongsam.

● Cultivate your inner beauty with enrichment seminars
A true lady would not be satisfied with outer beauty alone; she would continue to enrich herself with knowledge and skills to amplify her inner beauty. Castalia Yu, founder of “NS Floral Lifestyle House” is known for floral arrangement creations that infuse the intricate quality of oriental art with western styling. She will share insider tips with guests of SuperStar Virgo, who will have a chance to create their own bouquets or box floral arrangements. Masters of incense appreciation will demonstrate the traditional ritual of incense printing, which demonstrates the art and beauty of incense appreciation through setting, choreography and music. Guests will also learn to make agarwood scented pouch, lip balm or facial scrub for accessible enjoyment of agarwood fragrance.

● A photo is worth a thousand words
Guests of SuperStar Virgo who sail on designated dates in March will have the unique opportunity to be glammed up and have your portraits taken by professionals, with the endless sky and breathtaking ocean-view as backdrop – compliments of Star Cruises!

(Star Cruises)