SuperStar Virgo Increases Length of Shanghai Homeport Cruises to International Standard of 8D/7N

Shangai (Photo courtesy Star Cruises)Due to popular demand, Star Cruises has enhanced its itineraries from Shanghai to meet International standards of 8-Day/7-Night voyages, now taking in the capital city of Tokyo and the iconic Mt. Fuji, two “must see” destinations in Japan, in addition to Osaka and Kagoshima.

The new cruise season will begin on July 6 and extend to November 30 to also take advantage of the beautiful autumn foliage in Japan.

Japan remains a popular destination for the China market, currently with approximately 2 million Chinese visitors opting for 6 Day/5 Night air-land package tours between Osaka and Tokyo. Known as the “Golden Land Route”, these tours also take in Mt. Fuji, the majestic symbol of Japan, and Kyoto, the historic capital of Japan. The cruise industry has also benefited from Japan’s popularity as a vacation destination, with over 2 million passenger destination days in the country in 2016.

A pioneer in the Asian cruise industry, Star Cruises is introducing an innovative 8-Day/7-Night “Golden Sea Route” cruise vacation alternative, similarly priced to air-land packages, starting from $4,999 per person based on twin occupancy. Guests aboard SuperStar Virgo can visit Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Osaka, with land tour options to include Kyoto, and Kagoshima, with spectacular views of the active volcano, Mount Sakurajima, in Kagoshima Bay. The 8-Day/7-Night “Golden Sea Route” cruise vacation will also appeal to families, with cabins on board SuperStar Virgo able to accommodate three to four guests. With an average lead-in price of $3,500 per person for a family of four, this works out to be one of the best value holiday options to some of the most popular destinations in Japan!

In addition to the 8-Day/7-Night “Golden Sea Route” departing from Shanghai, Star Cruises also offers highly flexible segmented cruise journeys with Tokyo as an Interport. Guests may opt for a “Sea-Land-Air” holiday, with a 4-Day/3-Night cruise voyage that departs from Shanghai; upon disembarkation in Tokyo, guests can enjoy the city at their leisure and return to Shanghai by air. Alternatively, guests may also fly to Tokyo for a 5-Day/4-Night cruise voyage to visit Mount Fuji and Kagoshima, with disembarkation in Shanghai.

“The average cruise length from China tends to be short, at 4 to 5 nights, with calls to secondary port cities. The cruise ship itself is the primary attraction,” says Ang Moo Lim, President of Star Cruises.
“Star Cruises’ new 8 Day/7 Night cruises will provide a step-change forward in the Chinese cruise experience with calls to four famous ports and bringing the cruise length to international standards where more than 50% of cruises are of 7-night duration. The extension of our itinerary to 8-Day/7-Night will bolster its appeal to the overseas market, which we believe will attract more International cruise travellers to Shanghai.”

On board, guests can enjoy an immersive Japanese experience with complimentary local delicacies such as Takoyaki (octopus balls) from Osaka and Sushigaku, a Tokyo specialty, with Balcony and Admiral Class passengers also receiving a complimentary Yukata set. For unparalleled onboard shopping, guests can also take advantage of a wide selection of popular Japanese merchandise and Enrichment programs with a touch of Japanese flair are also available throughout the Shanghai homeport deployment, including floral arrangement and Origami classes providing guests a more in-depth appreciation of the Japanese culture.

Passengers will appreciate the ease of a cruise vacation as they can visit a variety of attractions without the hassle of multiple flights or bus journeys or the stress of having to re-pack and travel to different hotels. For an in depth cultural experience, Star Cruises’ shore excursions will focus on sightseeing with added local traditional shows in various ports prior to departure.

(Star Cruises)