Portofino welcomes 2017 with new anchorage regulation in full effect

The Wind Star out of PortofinoAfter a successful 2016 cruise season, Marina di Portofino is pleased to remind the cruise world about the new anchorage regulation in full effect since July 2016 which allows ships to anchor at the closer distance of 0.3 nautical miles.

Portofino is thus looking forward to another prosperous season welcoming cruise passengers from all over the world.

More changes:

Effective from January 1, 2017, due to a mandatory revision of the Portofino PFSP (IMO n° IT-PTF 0001) for the Security Level 1 which by national law requires the hiring of an additional private and specially trained Security Guard (GpG) in every Italian port for the duration of the ship stay in that particular port, Portofino will introduce new ISPS cruise fees (unchanged since 2011).