Port of Igoumenitsa is expecting 12 cruise calls in 2017, and Silversea Cruises has chosen the Greek port as a new destination to visit

Nine ships called at Igoumenitsa in 2016, meaning a small increase year on year.
The recently completed Egnatia highway that starts at Igoumenitsa port and cuts right through the massive mountain ranges of Epirus has made it possible for cruise lines to safely and speedily access a totally new dimension of Greece.

Epirus is an astounding region that combines virgin alpine landscapes with green plateaus, rivers and valleys. Steeped in history, with sites and monuments covering all ages of man, Epirus is also rich in local culture, traditional stone built architecture, unusual arts & crafts, as well as special gastronomic interest.

The charming lake city of Ioannina, the traditional market town of Metsovo and the pinnacle village cluster of Zagori offer unique travel experiences that combine history with culture and natural beauty. Also, close to Ioannina, is the fascinating archaeological site of Dodoni, one of the main centres of the Ancient Epirot League.

The completion of Phase II of the port’s development project will result in an enhanced infrastructure. The works are already 90% completed. Works of Phase II still to be completed include the completion of 2,324sq mtr. Passenger Terminal 3 Building that will serve Schengen Agreement controls and serve cruise ships.