Costa Cruises to Launch “Scuole Di Mestiere” Quality Training for Shipboard Employees

Costa Cruises is investing in the “Scuole di Mestiere” (Schools of Trades), a project aimed at providing its shipboard staff with specific training of the highest level and focusing on “Italy’s finest”.

The “Scuole di Mestiere” consist of a series of top quality workshops and master’s courses, designed in collaboration with some of Costa’s partners – names which stand for Italian excellence worldwide: the Università del Caffè illy, Cantine Ferrari, Academia Barilla, CAST Alimenti – the school of trades of taste and the Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche (UNISG Pollenzo).

By the end of 2016 Costa Cruises will have trained more than 90 shipboard managers giving them the opportunity to become more familiar with the values, vision, professionalism, quality and know-how of these centers of Italian excellence.

The initiative further strengthens the already well-established alliance between Costa Cruises and its partners, thanks to which the company’s cruise guests can enjoy the famous bubbly Ferrari Trentodoc, Barilla pasta dishes, inimitable illy blend coffee and pizza made with yeast base, the result of Costa’s collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche (UNISG Pollenzo). In addition, this year Costa has begun making use of the professionalism and experience of CAST Alimenti – the school of trades of taste for the training and selection of its pastry chefs on board.

“The Scuole di Mestiere project is a first for our industry, which further consolidates the ties between Costa Cruises and the leading brands of Italian excellence, with whom we have been collaborating for some time now so as to offer our guests only Italy’s finest: illy, Barilla, Ferrari, CAST Alimenti and the Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo. Excellent Italian products that are the envy of the world are also the fruit of a culture and expertise that we are bringing onboard our ships by means of the Schools of Trades,” said Costa Cruises President Neil Palomba.

The trained managers will become custodians of secrets of the trade and will, in turn, act as trainers, passing this teaching on to their teams onboard and turning the Costa ships into veritable continuing education centers.

At the Università del caffè illy in Trieste, a center of excellence set up with a brief to foster coffee culture and knowledge worldwide by means of education, course participants learn the techniques required to make the “perfect” espresso and cappuccino, in keeping with the finest Italian tradition.

Cantine Ferrari are providing their many decades of experience on a journey of discovery of the secrets of top-of-the-range Italian bubbly embracing history, values, local roots and food & wine pairings, and giving participants the tools they need to tell all Costa’s cruise guests about the characteristics of Ferrari Trentodoc spumante.

At Academia Barilla, the first international center dedicated to the diffusion, promotion and development of Italian gastronomic culture in the world, Costa Chefs are certified as ambassadors of authentic Italian cuisine. After taking part in training that alternates visits to Barilla’s laboratories with practical lessons, the cruise line’s Chefs can stage cooking demonstrations and present as effectively as possible Italy’s most famous staple food and internationally recognized export – pasta.

At CAST Alimenti, the school of trades of taste, under the watchful eye of Master Chef Massari, Costa’s Pastry Chefs have the chance to do a refresher course, hone their skills and master the finest patisserie techniques: the demonstrations and practical lessons, touching on subjects related to decoration and chocolate-making, enable participating Pastry Chefs to create ever tastier and more refined desserts.

Last but not least, at UNISG, the Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo, Costa’s pizza chefs and bakers learn all about excellent products like flour, yeast base and mixes for bread and pizza with special attention to the environmental implications and to sustainability.

The “Scuole di Mestiere” project is the latest addition to a wide range of training programs that Costa has always provided for all its shipboard and shoreside employees so as to ensure the continuous improvement of their skills.

(Costa Cruises)