2016 was a good season, but larger ships are placing requirements on CMP

Oceankaj Cruise Terminal in  Copenhagen (Courtesy Copenhagen Malmö Port)With Copenhagen as an ever more popular cruise destination, CMP is going to have to receive larger ships and more passengers. A new terminal that is twice the size of the one at Oceankaj is therefore under consideration.

The 2016 cruise season is just about over, apart from three Christmas cruises and two New Year cruises in December, and the staff at CMP and their partners in Cruise Copenhagen Network can look back on a really satisfactory season. However, they can look forward to an even better season next year.

”As it stands now, we can expect 320 arrivals in 2017, and about 850,000 passengers. This is an increase of 110,000 passengers in relation to this year, when we have had 15 arrivals of ships with 4,000 passengers, while next year we will receive 55 arrivals with 4,000 passengers each. Of the 320 arrivals, just under half will be turnarounds.”

Turnarounds are a discipline with which CMP’s cruise operation has particularly great experience, even when the port is being optimally used, as happened on 25 June.

”We received seven cruise ships in four hours, six of which were turnarounds, with all that entails in terms of more passengers on the quays, more luggage to be handled and more buses and taxis. We received 25,000 passengers and 8,000 crew members during the day. It was a major logistical challenge, but it went beyond all expectation, and I am satisfied,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries, CMP.

Larger terminals at Oceankaj
The global market for cruises is growing strongly, and is currently estimated at 24 million passengers. The shipping companies are forecasting developments, and there are 61 new ships under construction, with a total of 185,000 berths, which will be delivered during the next five years.

The increasing traffic, with ever larger ships, means that CMP is also planning developments.

”We are very aware of how things are developing, with the ships getting bigger and bigger, and the three terminals we opened at Oceankaj in 2014 will not be sufficient to cope with the growth. So plans are fully underway to build another new terminal, north of terminal 3. It will be in two stages, and the capacity will be twice that of the existing terminals. We are anticipating that it can be completed in 3-4 years.”

3 – 5 per cent growth
CMP is expecting an overall increase in cruises of 3-5% over the next few years, with guests from the new Chinese market contributing to the growth. However, the geopolitical situation can affect developments.

”Even though we are viewed as a safe area, which both shipping companies and passengers prefer, there can be an effect on interest if the political situation in this part of the world was to suddenly change. Customers react quickly, and the shipping companies can also rapidly move assets if a political crisis arises. We are seeing it in the Mediterranean, where the shipping lines have reacted to the unrest in North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean”, Arnt Møller Pedersen says.

(CMP – Copenhagen Malmö Port)