Costa Luminosa Sets Sail On Her Round-The-World Cruise

The Costa LuminosaThe Costa Luminosa leaves today from Savona on her Round-the-World Cruise: an exciting 98-day journey of discovery to the wonders of 5 continents, sailing across 3 oceans and porting in 34 destinations, before making her return to Savona (Italy) on December 9.

This very special cruise is a veritable Costa exclusive, made-to-measure for cruise lovers who want to experience the unique thrill of a world cruise lasting just over 3 months, and embracing a wide range of cultures and magnificent natural scenery, in the wake of the great navigators of the past.

More than 1400 guests are set to depart on the World Cruise from Savona today, while another 200 or so will board in Marseille tomorrow and Malaga on Monday, making a total of over 1600 cruisers. They come from more than 30 different countries, mainly Germany, Switzerland and France, with a substantial number also of Italian and Spanish participants.

The Costa Luminosa is one of the most attractive members of the Costa fleet: on board, cruisers will find the very best in terms of inimitable Italian hospitality, cuisine and style, and they will feel at home despite the fact they are actually circumnavigating the globe.

You can follow the Costa Luminosa’s incredible voyage on Costa Cruises’ website, thanks to 2 webcams installed on board.

This fall’s World Cruise itinerary includes splendid destinations such as the Antilles, Mexico, Hawaii, Guatemala, Colombia and California; after crossing the Pacific Ocean, the ship will sail to New Zealand and Australia, before heading north to Malaysia, Thailand, India and the United Arab Emirates.

The Costa Luminosa will stay more than one day in some of the most sought after ports of call – e.g. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phuket, Cochin, Mumbai, Dubai (2 days) as well as Sydney and Singapore (both 3 days), giving guests the chance to acquire a real taste for these places and go on a number of the many wonderful tours organized by the company so as to make this unforgettable one-off experience even more memorable.

Costa’s Round-the-World cruises have become increasingly popular in the last few years; the next one is scheduled to leave Savona on January 6, 2017– again on board the Costa Luminosa but this time with a 106-day itinerary crossing both Tropics and due to end on April 22, next year.

(Costa Cruises)