Presentation Of The First Training Academy For Onboard Hotellerie Positions

Today, 18th July 2016, marked the presentation of the first training academy for onboard hotellerie positions. The site of the new centre, to be inaugurated in October 2016, will be the prestigious Villa Figoli in Arenzano (Genoa).

This will be the first school in Italy dedicated exclusively to the training of hotellerie professionals who will work on board passenger ships. Job positions include cooks, pastry-makers, bakers, entertainers, technicians, customer service representatives and other positions related to onboard hospitality and entertainment.

The school will be managed by the Italian Merchant Marine Academy ITS Foundation that has already planned courses for tourism entertainers, customer service representatives and cooks, for a total of 60 users. This training initiative is proposed by the Academy, along with Costa Cruises (setting up a temporary association with the cruise company), which participated in the public notice aimed at the unemployed over 24 announced last August by the Liguria Region and financed through the ESF.

The first editions of the courses went into effect in different locations while the second editions will begin in October 2016 at Villa Figoli: these will be the first students to use the new areas and facilities of the prestigious renovated site in Arenzano. For these courses Costa Cruises had already pledged to hire at least 60% of those completing the training course, meaning at least 36 students.

This initial training project will be supported by the course of Superior Technical Institutes (ITS), already financed by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), for the training of professional onboard pasty-makers and bakers. In this case 22 positions will be available and Costa Cruises has confirmed its intention to hire at least 70% of the students who successfully complete the training program. The course, which will be free and designed for young people seeking employment, will run for a total of 1 and a half years and will alternate the use of classroom lessons with onboard training.

The regional programming regarding Superior Technical Institutes also includes the course for onboard cooks the financing of which the Academy Foundation will participate in with the next public notice of the Liguria Region focused on the ITS: such additional fall-time training might be held in Arenzano.

Villa Figoli is a beautiful eighteenth-century, Liberty-style villa, surrounded by an Italian park-garden extending over about 35,000 m”. The conservation-oriented renovation, carried out through the initiatives of the Liguria Region and the Municipality of Arenzano, led to the construction of 9 equipped rooms, a library, a tea-room/exhibition hall, a multi-purpose Tapestry Room, a refreshment area, a bar and a kitchen to be used for lessons. The facility will also be equipped with a dormitory with a capacity of 50 students.

(Costa Crociere)