One Ocean Expeditions Arctic Cruises Tapping into Cultural & Educational Experiences

Akademik IoffeOne Ocean Expeditions (OOE) offers life changing experiences and a gateway to understanding the history, culture and wildlife of Canada’s High Arctic.

OOE passengers gain insight into life in small northern communities through genuine cultural interaction and exchange by experiencing traditional talents such as textile and craft production, unique Inuit games, throat singing and folklore as well as local cuisine.

Cruising in the Arctic with OOE is in many ways a cultural experience in itself, uniting international guests with remote and inaccessible northern and coastal communities. These expedition cruises culminate in a greater appreciation for building knowledge around local culture while respecting communities and their people, as well as appreciating the wildlife central to Inuit lifestyle.
The intimate small cruise ship experience with up to 98 passengers provides an opportunity onshore like no other.

By travelling with a small group, passengers become part of the experience of life in remote communities. “When small pocket groups of ten people, with an inherent interest and respect for the regions they visit come ashore by Zodiac, a certain magic happens”, says Andrew Prossin, Managing Director at One Ocean Expeditions.
“The smiles, easy welcome and interest in sharing, create positive experiences for all involved. This results in a long lasting respect and the creation of new memories and experiences”, added Prossin.

OOE’s internationally acclaimed educators, special guest speakers, guides from both Northern Labrador and the coastal communities of Nunavut (NU) enhance the overall Arctic experience. OOE local guide, Atuat Shouldice, who travels on board the ship shares his passion for the north and all it has to offer (both past and present).
This knowledge is especially poignant when visiting archaeological sites and excursions with significant historical interest. Passengers also gain the opportunity to see traditional Inuit clothing still worn during long overland expeditions.

OOE is making the Arctic more accessible by including complimentary charter flights between the gateways of Edmonton and Ottawa and the embarkation/disembarkation points, combined with competitive pricing based on triple share cabin accommodation from US$5195pp.

Prices include accommodation on board, all meals, zodiac and land based excursions, educational programs with professional guides and more, as well as complimentary charter flights (until 31 May 2016).

(One Ocean Expeditions)