“Mozzarella Gourmet Bar” For The First Time On Board Costa Ships

At the end of 2016 Costa ships will begin proposing, for the first time in the world, a great innovative idea linked to great Italian gastronomic traditions: the first gourmet bars dedicated exclusively to buffalo mozzarella.

Buffalo mozzarella will be produced on board, on the spot, like in a real dairy, thanks to a machine supplied by an Italian company that specialises in manufacturing systems for the dairy milk industry.

The process, which guests will be able to observe up close inside the gourmet bars on some ships, begins with buffalo milk curd from the plain of temples in Paestum (Salerno).

Buffalo mozzarella will be tasted while it is still warm, since it will be produced directly on board, along with a wide assortment of cold cuts and other high-quality Italian specialities. In addition to the classic buffalo mozzarella, burrata and stracciatella as well as the traditional fiordilatte will also be served.

The buffalo mozzarella produced on board will also be used in the fleet’s Pummid’oro pizzerias for a truly special, handmade pizza. In fact, they will be the first and only pizzas offered on a cruise ship to be prepared with mozzarella made on the spot and with dough based on natural yeast, which is already being used in Costa pizzerias thanks to collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.

The new gourmet bar dedicated to buffalo mozzarella will become operational at the end of 2016 on the Costa Diadema, the fleet’s flagship, and then on all the other vessels in the fleet during the following year.

This great new idea will further enhance the gastronomic selection offered by Costa Cruises that’s based on the best of Italian tradition. The restaurants of the Costa ships propose Italian regional menus as well as a special menu created by the great chef Bruno Barbieri. On board guests will find the Amarillo ice-cream parlour, with Agrimontana handmade ice cream, and special burgers made with very high quality Fasson meat that’s 100% Italian.
Other distinctive aspects of what Costa offers its guests include partnerships with great brands of Italian excellence, such as Barilla, Illy, Ferrari spumante and Campari, and its collaborative efforts with the maître chocolatier Guido Gobino and the maître pâtissier chocolatier Luigi Biasetto.

(Costa Cruises)