New Animated Briefings for Antarctic Visitors

New videos have been developed by the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) to brief travellers en route to Antarctica. They reinforce actions visitors need to take to ensure their visit is safe and environmentally sensitive.

The three-minute animation will be shown to guests travelling with IAATO member operators to supplement the existing general briefing. The videos are in English with subtitles in nine other languages.

The animations use beautiful wooden puzzle pieces to reflect Antarctica’s extraordinary natural environment. They clearly communicate key IAATO and Antarctic Treaty System guidelines on staying safe and having no more than a minor or transitory impact. These guidelines include avoiding the introduction of non-native species, behaviour around wildlife, respecting historic and scientific sites, leaving no trace of their visit and not removing items of any sort. The videos also encourage visitors to take time to reflect and appreciate the wonders of their surroundings.

Three versions of the film were created for the main types of IAATO member operations (the films can all be downloaded on Vimeo):

Going Ashore (Visitors landing from ships and yachts);
Cruise Visitors;
Deep Field and Fly In Visitors.

Tudor Morgan, IAATO Operations Manager commented, ‘with Antarctic visitors representing over 100 nationalities, we recognised the need to convey IAATO’s guidelines and procedures in an effective, entertaining and easily understood way. The films do this skilfully and will enable visitors to appreciate how they can help to make their visit safe and environmentally responsible.’