Heritage Expeditions to offer The Northern Sea Route (N.E. Passage) A Special 28-Day Expedition

For the many years Heritage Expeditions has worked in the Russian Arctic we’ve dreamed of exploring one of the greatest seaways in the world, known within Russia as the Northern Sea Route, or as the rest of the world calls it, the NE Passage.

Only a handful of expedition vessels have ever transited this seaway, but recent changes in sea ice conditions mean this historic and fascinating sea route is now accessible. We invite you to be part of these history-making expeditions.

A bit of history
The indigenous peoples of the north coast of Siberia were undoubtedly familiar with sections of this seaway but it wasn’t until 1878-1880 that Swedish explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiold completed the first ever transit. The second transit wasn’t until 1914-15 when the Imperial Russian Navy icebreakers Taymyr and Vaygach made it through. In the 1930s the Soviets developed support infrastructure and it became an important seaway with large convoys of ships bringing much needed supplies to Far Eastern Russia. The islands and archipelagos along the way are also home to a great variety of wildlife and Arctic flora.

A bit about the ship
Our expedition vessel Akademik Shokalskiy is no stranger to this route having participated in a Soviet convoy in the late 1980s and more recently completed the journey unassisted. It is fully ice strengthened and with just 50 people on board the opportunities and quality of the landings are unequaled.

The next step
More information can be obtained by contacting our office either by email or on our toll free number. Alternatively check our website. Interest in this expedition has long been high and many of our past travellers have asked to be first on the waitlist if ever this day arrives. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

Voyage #1630 Westbound
1-28th August 2016
Anchorage/Anadyr to Longyearbyen

Voyage #1634 Eastbound
30th August- 26th September 2016
Longyearbyen to Anadyr/Nome

(Heritage Expeditions)