MedCruise supports Italian Cruise Day 2015

The 5th edition of Italian Cruise day will be held on Friday, October 2nd, 2015, in the MedCruise Port of Civitavecchia, Italy.

MedCruise President Carla Salvadò will participate at the event as a speaker, introducing the third round table.

The full programme of the event is available at

Italian Cruise Day is the main event devoted to analysis and discussion of the Italian cruise industry as a whole. It is a landmark and meeting point for the varoious players and stakeholders in the sector, but also open to those simply interested, and aims to highlight its gowing importance for the national economy. During the event only italian will be spoken.

MedCruise, the association representing cruise ports in the Med and its adjoining seas is actively supporting the national Italian event – to be attended by several MedCruise member ports and associate members. 

During the day will be examined various issues, further analyse data and numbers, interpret the current reality and delve into the proscpects of the Italian cruise industry.

For further information on the event, please contact the organization office: