Target Cruise Line Decision Makers and Tourism Stakeholders at the 2015 FCCA Trade Show

The 2015 FCCA Trade Show will offer exhibitors an invaluable opportunity to target a prestigious audience of tourism stakeholders and cruise line presidents, CEOs and executives who decide where cruise ships call, what sells onboard and how to invest in infrastructure.

“The FCCA Trade Show is the place to be for anyone looking to develop cruise tourism business,” said Micky Arison, chairman of Carnival Corporation and the FCCA. “It puts exhibitors in the middle and on the minds of some of the cruise industry’s most influential players.”

Taking place in Cozumel, Mexico from October 5-9, the FCCA Trade Show will join the FCCA Conference and its nearly 1,000 stakeholders from all sectors of the cruise tourism industry, along with over 100 FCCA Member Line representatives who will be on hand and looking to source new and expand existing business.

The FCCA Trade Show’s front-and-center location will capture the attention of this prominent audience, as Conference delegates and cruise executives enter and travel through it to access their meetings, workshops, business sessions and registration.

Plus it will feature designated viewings for cruise executives, as well as special events like the FCCA Table Tennis Challenge hosted by Adam Goldstein, president and COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited.

Any booth will display an exhibitor’s product, company or destination to tourism stakeholders and key cruise line decision makers, but specialized pavilions will increase attention and allow a destination or large company to showcase their numerous offerings. Additionally, private meetings with cruise executives will be available in the pavilions.

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