German-Lithuanian Maritime Forum: Working together for a sustainable future

At the German-Lithuanian Maritime Forum, the ports of Klaipėda, Kiel and Hamburg as well as the shipping company DFDS emphasised their close cooperation.

Co-operation in the maritime industry between Lithuania and Germany continues to grow. This is one of the results of the German-Lithuanian Maritime Forum in Klaipėda. Marina Basso Michael, Regional Director Europe at Port of Hamburg Marketing, emphasised the special role of relations between Germany and Lithuania in these difficult geopolitical times: “As ports and shipping companies, we are facing very similar challenges. For example, there is a need to switch our economy to a more sustainable business model based on new technologies. As Europeans, we also need to stand together in the face of growing risks in an increasingly unstable world.”

“The connection between Kiel and Klaipeda has been a solid rock, especially in these difficult geopolitical times. Over three decades of good cooperation – and a route that underlines its relevance not only by growing freight numbers but the sheer need of a reliable sea connection between Germany and Lithuania”, says Dr. Dirk Claus, CEO PORT OF KIEL.

Its geographic location, permanent depth for seagoing vessels and the direct link to the national rail and road network make the port of Kiel attractive for cargo and passenger traffic alike, focusing on the routes towards Scandinavia and Lithuania as well as the cruise industry. In 2023, the port recorded a historic peak in both passengers’ numbers (+22 per cent) and freight (+3 per cent).

(German-Lithuanian Maritime Forum: Working together for a sustainable future – Port of Hamburg)