Positive Polar implements cruisePAL CRS/CRM – Rescompany

Rescompany (Logo)Rescompany Systems is excited to welcome Positive Polar as a new valued customer to its growing family. Rescompany, in collaboration with partner companies MariApps Marine Solutions and OnboarD Software, developed a suite of solutions called cruisePAL.

This suite of software solutions is groundbreaking as the first of its kind in the market, demonstrating innovation and forward-thinking in addressing industry needs. Rescompany Systems, MariApps, and OnboarD Software leverage their global reach, skilled professionals, and combined expertise to develop and implement digital solutions. cruisePAL represents a significant advancement in digital solutions for the cruise industry, offering a comprehensive suite of software tailored to meet the evolving needs of operators and passengers alike.

Its integration of modules from industry-leading companies underscores its potential to drive efficiency and innovation in cruise operations.

Positive Polar chose the cruisePAL Reservation System (CRS), which belongs to the next generation of Resco offerings. cruisePAL CRS manages all parts of the reservation process, such as bookings, reservation revisions, payments, sales invoice and commission production, agency account reconciliation, and so on. The web-based architecture of cruisePAL CRS allows agents to work from any location, and the straightforward interface makes training new users simple.

Positive Polar, founded in California by Hugo Hinrichsen and Jennifer Bonilla, strives to illustrate how scientific expedition sailing may have a beneficial impact on the environment. Their excursions will mimic whales by increasing the biological carbon pump, promoting biodiversity, and healing the climate, all while providing passengers with breathtaking sights and making them feel proud to be a part of such an important endeavour.

“While designing and setting up our brand-new company, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance the guest experience. Integrating cruisePAL Reservation system aligns perfectly with this mission. This user-friendly platform will streamline the booking process, allowing guests to secure their dream polar expedition with ease.”, ­ Founders of Positive Polar, Hugo Hinrichsen and Jennifer Bonilla.

“As Positive Polar embarks on this journey of implementing cruisePAL digital solutions, the Rescompany team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service to ensure a seamless experience for our new customer. Rescompany extends a warm welcome and looks forward to forging a prosperous relationship with Positive Polar”, Peter Winqvist, CEO, Rescompany.

(Positive Polar implements cruisePAL CRS/CRM – Rescompany, Positive Polar)