Bodrum Cruise Port and Marella Discovery Partner for a Social Responsibility Project

Bodrum Cruise Port and Marella Discovery Partner for a Social Responsibility Project   (Image at - May 2024)Bodrum Cruise Port, operated by Global Ports Holding, the world’s largest cruise port operator, recently hosted two cruise ships simultaneously.

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, the Marella Discovery by Marella Cruises and the Resilient Lady by Virgin Voyages docked at Bodrum Cruise Port, bringing a total of 4295 passengers. Alongside this bustling activity, a meaningful social responsibility project unfolded at the port.

While accommodating the two cruise ships, Bodrum Cruise Port also hosted a group of 30 students and 3 teachers from one of the local middle level school onboard the Marella Discovery. The students were provided with educational sessions covering maritime topics, cruise tourism, and the importance of ocean conservation.

Fostering Maritime Education and Social Responsibility

Bodrum Cruise Port, managed by Global Ports Holding, took the opportunity not only to provide excellent service to cruise passengers but also to execute a social responsibility initiative. The visit included informative sessions about the port followed by a guided tour onboard the Marella Discovery. During this tour, the students received education on maritime affairs, cruise tourism, and the imperative of preserving our oceans.

Olivia Wells, Sustainability Manager, Marella Cruises said, “We are proud to be working with the Global Ports Holding on the Social Responsibility Project which is looking to educate future generations around sustainability at sea whilst improving knowledge of cruise tourism, maritime affairs and how we can preserve the natural environment in which our ships sail.

With the help of Intercruises and Bodrum Cruise Port, The Social Responsibility Project will become the blueprint for potential projects in ports from Marella Cruises.”

Aziz Güngör, Global Ports Holding, Regional Director of East Med, said, “As we continue to deliver exceptional service to our passengers and cruise ship partners, we remain committed to implementing social responsibility projects. We anticipate another successful cruise season in Bodrum this year, showcasing our impressive range of ships and our dedication to providing outstanding service to our passengers. Moreover, by educating future generations about the importance of our oceans, we aim to promote both our industry and the sustainability of our seas, thereby assuming a significant responsibility for the preservation of our marine ecosystems.”

(Bodrum Cruise Port and Marella Discovery Partner for a Social Responsibility Project – GPH)