CLIA Australasia and ACA unite for Australian Tourism Exchange

Cruise Lines International Association - CLIA Australasia (logo)Australia’s leading cruise industry associations – Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the Australian Cruise Association (ACA) – will return to the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) this month to promote the diverse range of cruising products in Australia to the international travel market.

ATE, which will be held this year in Melbourne, is expecting to attract over 2,000 delegates from around the world, providing yet another pivotal opportunity to position our country’s thriving cruise industry on the global stage.

Jill Abel, CEO of Australian Cruise Association, shared that the Australian cruise sector continues to flourish with the growing maturity of the market.

“Australia boasts an incredible cruise offering to all visitors, including a diverse range of brands operating in this market with a great variety of short mini breaks, seven-to-10-day adventures and long circumnavigation cruises. We can’t wait to highlight the vast number of cruise products available in Australia, both onshore and off, including ways to combine cruise with the likes of rail travel and central Australia,” said Abel.

“At ATE last year we discovered that many of the international buyers had limited knowledge of the cruise products here in Australia. Attending for our second year, we’re excited to build on the momentum and meet additional buyers to share our industry knowledge,” Abel continued.

Joel Katz, CLIA Managing Director Australasia, said ATE24 would give both associations the opportunity to meet with key tourism wholesalers and retailers from around the world to discuss the important developments taking place in Australia.

“With cruise representing such a significant source market for inbound visitation to Australia, ATE provides an unparalleled platform for engaging with key tourism wholesalers and retailers worldwide,” said Katz.

“It is an important opportunity for the cruise industry to showcase the significant advancements and opportunities emerging in Australia. Our presence at ATE24 allows us to convey to global markets that Australia is a premier cruise destination, offering unique and diverse experiences for international travellers.”

Both organisations recently returned from Seatrade Cruise Global in Florida, where they shared key updates on the important destination developments taking place around Australia including port infrastructure upgrades and new land-based touring activities.

(CLIA Australasia and ACA unite for Australian Tourism Exchange – CLIA Australasia)