The Port of Roses has started the 2024 cruise season with the call of the Sea Cloud II

Sea Cloud IIThis season, the Port of Roses expects to receive nine cruise ships with about 1,500 passengers. Compared with the 2023 season, this is five cruise calls (more than doubling the previous year’s figures) and 1,200 passengers more than last year.

Overall, the cruise season at the Port of Roses is expected to be good, starting on 1 May and ending on 2 November.

A total of six cruise lines will visit the port: Sea Cloud, Croisieurope, Mystic, Sebourn, Seadream and The Ritz Carlton. One particularly good news is the return of the company Seabourn to the region with the maiden call of the cruise ship Seabourn Ovation, followed by the maiden call of the cruise ship Ilma, operated by The Ritz Carlton. Both ships will receive a plaque to commemorate their first visit to the Port of Roses. The Port-Bay of Roses will also be visited by the cruise ships La Belle des Océans, World Traveller, Seadream I and Seadream II.

Sea Cloud II

The Sea Cloud II opened the 2024 cruise season at Roses with 75 passengers, most of them North American. These passengers visited the town of Roses and sampled its main cultural, historic and gastronomic attractions. They also took part in unique experiences in the territory, such as visiting D.O. Empordà wineries for wine tasting sessions, cultural activities in the medieval villages with e-bike tours, and cultural visits to Girona and the Dalí Museum.

The ship arrived at 1:00 pm from the port of Barcelona, anchored in the Bay of Roses and set sail at 7:00 pm to the port of Sète, in France.

The Malta-flagged ship has a length of 117 metres, a beam of 28.8 metres, a draft of 6 metres and a gross tonnage of 3,849 tonnes.

53,000 passengers at the Costa Brava

The Ports of Palamós and Roses expect 61 calls from cruise ships with about 53,000 passengers during the 2024 cruise season. Translated into percentages, this means a 1.3% increase in passengers and a 15% increase in calls, compared to the 2023 season.

The economic impact of cruise activity in the territory is estimated at 5.1 million euros, according to a study carried out by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which estimates that each passenger who stops over at a port to visit the destination spends an average of €90. In addition, €6 have been added per passenger in terms of ship-linked expenditure for port services.

The Ports of Palamós and Roses receive cruise ships from the North American and European markets. This season, 50% of the cruise ships that will call belong to the North American market and the remaining 50% to the European market. Combining the Ports of Palamós and Roses, six cruise ships will be calling for the first time.

> In 2024, Roses expects to receive 9 cruise calls and about 1,500 passengers
> The Sea Cloud II cruise ship starts the season with about 100 cruise passengers
> The Ports of Palamós and Roses anticipate 61 cruise calls, about 53,000 passengers and an estimated economic impact of €5.1 M

(The Port of Roses has started the 2024 cruise season with the call of the Sea Cloud II – MedCruise)