APRAM and AIDA Cruises climb the mountains to reinforce their commitment to sustainability – MedCruise

APRAM and AIDA Cruises climb the mountains to reinforce their commitment to sustainability - MedCruise (Image at LateCruiseNews.com - April 2024)  (Image at LateCruiseNews.com - April 2024)It was a symbolic first act, full of meaning. The Madeira Port Authority (APRAM) took another step this Monday in strengthening its environmental sustainability policy, through a tree planting action in the Funchal Ecological Park.

“This environmental initiative marks the beginning of a set of programmed
actions, in which the Ports of Madeira and its partners intend to actively
contribute to improving the environmental quality of the city of Funchal”
, said the
president of the APRAM, Paula Cabaço, at the end of the action that had the
support of the Funchal City Council (CMF) and the participation of Vincent
, captain of AIDAcosma and some further crew members from the cruise

“We know the effort and work that has been developed by the city of Funchal in
the reforestation of the Ecological Park, and we want to collaborate in this
process through active and programmed participation”
, added Paula Cabaço,
explaining that APRAM intends that these reforestation actions start to mark the
beginning and end of the cruise season.

“This was the first moment, symbolic but with a lot of meaning, that deserved
the immediate support of AIDA Cruises, which clearly demonstrates the
commitment of APRAM and the entire cruise industry to the environment,
sustainability and decarbonization.”

On the one hand, continued Paula Cabaço,
APRAM has the ambition to continue to grow in commercial terms, but it wants
this growth to happen in a sustainable way, respecting the environment.

The initiative began with a guided visit to the Reception and Interpretation
Center of the Funchal Ecological Park, where those representtaives of AIDA
Cruises learned a little about the history of the Park, its characteristic fauna and flora and its importance for the city’s environmental balance.

Cofalkawas particularly attentive to the explanations, and at the end he
highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainability and
decarbonization.“We have a very serious commitment to the environment and
sustainability, not only in the investments that have been made in our fleet of
ships, in the equipment and practices on board, but also in the way we interact
with the ports we visit”
, Cofalka commented.

The companies endeavour is to preserve landscapes, cultural heritage and
historical treasures by involving local people and strengthening the local
economy. This applies in particular to the regions that rely heavily on tourism. In
addition to tourism, agriculture and forestry are an important economic sector
for Madeira Island, which is why it is a matter close to the companies’ heart to
support this area with targeted campaigns.

“We hope that our current and future commitment will set an example for
sustainable tourism. The idea is to implement a long-term and joint
environmental initiative”
, he underlined, after planting a tintureira tree. A plant
extinct in the wild, but the Park has been reintroducing some specimens. In
total, between tis, vinháticos, sanguinhos, tintureiras, figueiras-do-inferno,
loureiros, paus-branco, perados, freixos and leitugas, 15 trees native to the
Park and some endemic to Madeira were planted.

(APRAM and AIDA Cruises climb the mountains to reinforce their commitment to sustainability – MedCruise)