Meyer Group Presents New Ship Concepts and introduces the AI-based MEYER Energy Management System

Meyer Group Presents New Ship Concepts (Image at - April 2024)  (Image at - April 2024)The MEYER Group reveals visionary ideas and innovative maritime products at Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami this week and underlines its technological leadership in maritime products.

For the first time, initiatives towards a climate-neutral cruise ship concept under development in the NEcOLEAP research project at MEYER TURKU are presented. Additionally, ALFRED Maritime, the digital venture of MEYER Group, introduces the AI-based MEYER Energy Management System. Floating piers and terminals by MEYER Floating Solutions and the visionary future concept ORIGIN complete the showcases on the MEYER booth.

The platform MEYER Energy Management System has been developed by ALFRED’s IIoT and data experts together with the MEYER Energy Efficiency Team and is set to increase the operational efficiency on ships. The MEYER Energy Management System supports ship operators and crews to understand and analyze the ship’s performance. The platform gives the crew actionable insights to optimize energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Combined with accurate performance predictions and forecasts from multiple onboard systems it helps the crew to reduce the ship’s emissions.

Climate-neutral cruise ship to be developed until 2025

The climate-neutral AVATAR cruise ship concept is a representation of the research within the NeCOLEAP project. MEYER TURKU has the goal to develop a climate-neutral cruise ship until the end of 2025 and build it from 2030.

“The Business Finland funded research and development project NEcOLEAP and MEYER’s work towards a climateneutral ship concept will be presented at the stand. We will also reveal an exciting new concept for making cruising more sustainable in the future”, says Tim Meyer, CEO MEYER TURKU. The AVATAR concept includes novel galley concepts with automated logistics, alternative materials, a sustainable stateroom design and more energy efficiency optimizations. The holistic approach extends to the end of the product life cycle, emphasizing material selections, recycling, and the principles of a circular economy.

Unique product portfolio for the cruise industry

MEYER also shows it’s unique product portfolio for the cruise industry at Seatrade Cruise Global. MEYER Floating Solutions shows their innovative floating piers and cruise terminal portfolio, while a ship model of Icon of the Seas is also on display. Icon of the Seas has been delivered by MEYER TURKU in December 2023 and is amongst the most innovative and efficient cruise ships in the world. From the installation of the AquaDome, the single largest glass and steel structure to be lifted onto a cruise ship, to engineering more water on board than ever before across seven pools, six record-breaking waterslides and more, Icon of the Seas has moved the boundaries for modern shipbuilding.

“MEYER is the only shipyard that is able to offer the complete range from river cruise ships to large ocean-going ships like Icon of the Seas. With our tradition of innovation and new products like floating piers and terminals by MEYER Floating Solutions, we can create additional value for ship owners and port operators”, says Thomas Weigend, Executive Vice President Sales, MEYER Group.

Almost traditionally, MEYER shows a long-term view into the future of cruising at Seatrade Cruise Global. The newest future concept is called ORIGIN and fulfils future living needs and global trends with weather-independent features that work all year round. In addition, the new model emphasizes rethinking the accommodation areas for an efficient passenger flow. One main feature is the innovative and asymmetric shape of the superstructure with an advanced transportation system and decentralized public areas will create new passenger experiences. Key point of the design concept is a vessel without the typical “ship-look-a-like“ exterior and interior.

(Meyer Group Presents New Ship Concepts and introduces the AI-based MEYER Energy Management System – Meyer Werft, Meyer Turku Shipyard)