Azamara Cruises Launches 2025 & 2026 Voyages including a 79-night voyage that circumnavigates South America

Azamara (Logo)Azamara Cruises is excited to unveil its 2025 & 2026 winter sailings, visiting 8 maiden ports and less frequented destinations only accessible to smaller ships.

Azamara’s new sailings include a Grand Voyage circumnavigating South America and back-to-back Caribbean sailings without any sea days. With multiple Extended Destination Days on every sailing, travelers can spend more time exploring without ever feeling rushed.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing our guests to 8 new ports of call in 2025 and 2026, from Scarborough, capital of the small island of Tobago, to Pointe des Galets on the beautiful French island of Réunion,” said Michael Pawlus, Head of Itinerary Planning at Azamara Cruises. “As longer trips continue to trend with our guests, we’ve also added a Grand Voyage that brings guests all the way around South America and Caribbean sailings that guests can combine for more immersive island travel without any days at sea.”

To cater to guest demand for longer itineraries, Azamara is offering a 79-night Grand Voyage that begins and ends in Miami and immerses guests in destinations all around South America. Azamara has also designed its Caribbean itineraries to prioritize days in port, so guests can book back-to-back Caribbean sailings to spend up to 14 days exploring the vibrant culture of each Caribbean island with 0 days at sea.

Azamara’s 2025 & 2026 itineraries will visit such maiden ports as:

Santa Marta, Colombia: Situated between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, Santa Marta offers colonial architecture, pristine beaches and rich indigenous cultures.

Maizuru, Japan: Nestled along Kyoto Prefecture’s scenic coast, Maizuru was a strategic naval base in the Meiji era. Today, travelers can get a glimpse into its past through various historical sites and museums. Adventurers and culinary enthusiasts can taste the diverse flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine against the stunning backdrop of the Maizuru mountains.

St. Pierre, Martinique: St. Pierre was the site of a devastating volcanic eruption in 1902 and is now home to intriguing ruins, vibrant Creole culture, colorful architecture and scenic coastal views.

Celukan Bawang, Bali, Indonesia: Celukan Bawang is a picturesque port town offering lush landscapes, tranquil beaches, and vibrant markets to explore. Travelers can enjoy a serene escape as they completely immerse themselves in traditional Balinese culture.

(Azamara Cruises Launches 2025 & 2026 Voyages including a 79-night voyage that circumnavigates South America – Azamara Cruises)