A-ROSA rewards early birds for 2025. Enticing incentive for booking the Premium fare by the end of July 2024

A-Rosa Cruises (Logo)Bookings for the 2025 season have kicked off: A-ROSA River Cruises has made its sailings for the cruise season starting in March next year available for booking.

It pays to be quick, as the new A-ROSA Best Price is valid until 31 July 2024 – unless the strictly limited allotment sells out sooner.

“At A-ROSA, we want to reward early bookers and ensure better plannability for our sales partners and us at the same time. This is the reason why we offer our premium fare at the A-ROSA Best Price until the end of July, after which it will no longer be available. As a rule, guests who book early receive the better premium price,” announces Jörg Eichler, CEO of A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH.

The new A-ROSA pricing system will have four levels, defined by booking timelines. These are set for 31 July 2024, 30 November 2024, 28 February 2025 and 31 August 2025. With available cabin allotments strictly controlled, any of these levels may sell out before the aforementioned timelines are reached. The traditional high and low seasons will no longer apply.

This new, more flexible pricing system makes it possible for departures in the peak season to have just as favourable prices as any other departure, if the decision to book is made quickly.

Another A-ROSA innovation in the 2025 season is the shift from Premium All-Inclusive to Premium All-Inclusive Plus. The PremiumPlus package includes previous popular components such as high-quality buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as afternoon tea, Wi-Fi, room service and e-bike hire, choice of preferred cabin and attractive rebooking and cancellation options. As a bonus for families, children up to and including 15 years of age continue to travel free of charge on Deck 1.

The PremiumPlus package further comes with an extensive range of beverages from soft drinks, tea and coffee specialities to sparkling wine, beer and wine, cocktails, long drinks and spirits. Overall, this popular A-ROSA premium product is up to 35 per cent cheaper in the 2025 season compared to previous years.

Guests who do not wish to drink strong alcoholic beverages can simply book the Premium All-Inclusive fare without the PremiumPlus drinks package. This allows them to enjoy all the same offers as PremiumPlus bookers except for selected cocktails, long drinks and spirits.

For guests to individualise their river cruise, there is a wide array of services available, which can be booked additionally. These cover an extensive range of shore excursions and spa treatments, an a la carte Wine & Dine, transfers from the central stations to the ship or a dedicated table in the restaurant. For many guests participating in a workshop given by a crew member to learn skills such as fruit carving or how to cure salmon is also a very memorable highlight. In this way A-ROSA guests can create a holiday experience that is perfectly tailored to them.

(A-ROSA rewards early birds for 2025. Enticing incentive for booking the Premium fare by the end of July 2024 – A-Rosa Cruises)