Swan Hellenic releases full details of its 2024 SETI Explore Space at Sea Cruises

Swan Hellenic (Logo)Nine distinguished space scientists bring a fascinating extra-terrestrial dimension to cultural expedition cruises worldwide.

Swan Hellenic is renowned as the choice of adventurous minds across the generations who want to explore in-depth around the world. Its Explore Space at Sea Series reaches further and deeper, including into the far reaches of space. Making this possible is a unique partnership with the SETI Institute, which began life with NASA’s Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence programme (SETI) in the eighties.

Each of these extraordinary cruises provides Swan Hellenic guests with expert insights into the history and latest discoveries in astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology and planetary science, as well as the quest to find other forms of life within and beyond our solar system.

Now the Antarctic Season has concluded, the Explore Space at Sea Series continues into more temperate regions, with 9 contrasting cruises from South and Central America to the Mediterranean, Africa and Northern Europe through until November 2024. Highlights include a 21-night semi-circumnavigation of the globe from Argentina to South Africa, a 16-night exploration of the famed Northwest Passage and 15-night-voyage from Greenland to Nova Scotia.

Transforming these 9 voyages are 9 renowned SETI experts, one per cruise and each with their own very special perspective. Accompanying guests on their expeditions and delivering thought-provoking lectures aboard, the SETI scientists also mix and socialise with guests throughout their voyage in the Swan Hellenic tradition.

Dr. Simon Steel – Deputy Director of SETI’s Carl Sagan Center for Research

Accompanying: In the Wake of the HMS Beagle through the Chilean Fjords on SH Diana, 25 February – 9 March 2024

Itinerary: from Ushuaia to the Garibaldi Glacier, Angostura Kirke, Puerto Natales, Pio XI Glacier, Angostura Inglesa, Tortel, Castro, Puerto Montt, Isla Mocha and Valparaiso over 13 nights.

Simon’s lecture topics will be: “Cosmic Revolutions: Humanity’s Quest for Meaning and Place in the Universe” and “Pioneers in Discovery”.

Dr. Jeffrey C. Smith – Expert in Planetary Science, AI and Data Analytics

Accompanying: South Atlantic Semi-Circumnavigation on SH Vega, 4–25 March 2024

Itinerary: from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Gough Island, Tristan da Cunha and Cape Town over 21 nights.

Jeffrey’s lecture topics will be: “How do Astronomers Find Exoplanets?”, “Yes, look up! Utilizing AI to Find Exploding Meteors and to Help Protect the Earth from Dangerous Asteroids”, “Why do Scientists Love Antarctica so much?” and “Will we ever really find E.T.?”

Dr. Benton Clark – Expert in Biophysics and Space Science

Accompanying: Costa Rica & Panama Canal Discovery on SH Diana, 20–30 April 2024

Itinerary: from Puntarenas to Curu Wildlife Refuge, Isla Tortugas, Quepos, Golifto, Cebaco Island, Darien Jungle, Panama City, Panama Canal, San Blas Islands to Cartagena over 10 nights.

Benton’s lecture topics will be: “Are We All Martians?”, “How to Build a Robot for Exploring the Planets” and “Searching for Life in Our Solar System, and Beyond”.

Dr. Douglas Caldwell – Chair of SETI Exoplanet Research Group

Accompanying: Spirit of the Celts on SH Vega, 24 May – 4 June 2024

Itinerary: from Portsmouth to Fowey, Tresco, Bantry, Dingle, Galway, Killybegs, Iona Island, Stornoway, Loch Ewe, Oban, Portrush, Rathlin Island to Dublin over 11 nights.

Doug’s lecture topics will be: “Extrasolar Planets – from Speculation to Understanding” and “Earth as an Exoplanet”.

Prof. Michael Garrett – Radio Astronomy Expert, SETI Science Advisory Board

Accompanying: High Arctic of Svalbard on SH Diana, 10-20 July 2024

Itinerary: from Tromsø to Bear Island, Svalbard, Skarsvag, North Cape and Alta over 10 nights, returning to Tromsø.

Michael’s lecture topics will be: “Exploring the Cosmos for Signs of Extraterrestrial Life”, “Unveiling the Mysteries of the Universe: Advances in Astronomy and the Future of Space Exploration” and “Radio Astronomy’s Odyssey: From Cosmic Whispers to the Square Kilometre Array”.

Dr. Mark Showalter – Planetary Astronomer

Accompanying: From Magna Graecia to Greece on SH Diana, 28 August–5 September 2024

Itinerary: from Palermo to Lipari, Stromboli, Giardini Naxos, Crotone, Otranto, Sarande, Preveza, Itea (Delphi), Corinth Canal and Piraeus (Athens) over 8 nights.

Mark’s lecture topics will be: “The New Horizons Mission to Pluto and Beyond: An Insider’s View”, “The Chaotic Worlds of the Outer Solar System” and “The Antikythera Mechanism”.

Dr. Uma Gorti – Astronomer and Expert in Star and Planet Formation

Accompanying: Voyage to the Northwest Passage, on SH Vega, 9-25 September 2024

Itinerary: from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut, Ilulisaat, Qeqertarsuaq, Pond Inlet, Dundas Harbour, Radstock Bay, Port Leopold, Fort Ross, Bellot Strait, Peel Sound, Conningham Bay, Sam Ford Fjord and Qikiqtarjuaq, returning to Kangerlussuaq over 16 nights.

Uma’s lectures will be: “Star and Planet Formation” and “Astrochemistry”.

Bill Diamond – President and CEO of the SETI Institute

Accompanying: Greenland to Nova Scotia exploring the Canadian Arctic on SH Vega, 25 September – 10 October 2024

Itinerary: from Kangerlussuaq to Qeqertarsuaq, Ilulisaat, Sisimiut, Nuuk, Iqaluit, Lady Franklin Island, Torngat Mountains National Park, Hebron, L’Anse aux Meadows, Bonne Bay and Halifax over 15 nights.

Bill’s lectures will be: “The Search for Life Beyond Earth – How it Works, How it’s Going, and Why it Matters” and “Astrobiology, Field Expeditions and the Search for Life Beyond Earth”.

Dr. Janice Bishop – SETI Institute Chair of Astrobiology

Accompanying: Madagascar and its Islands on SH Diana, 26 October–6 November 2024

Itinerary: from Mombasa to Aldabra Islands, Assumption Island, Nosy-Be, Mahajanga, Morondava, Toliara and Maputo over 11 nights.

Janice’s lectures will be: “Phyllosilicates on Mars and What They Tell Us About Water and Habitability” and “Exploring Volcanic Islands as Analogs for Mars (e.g. Iceland, Santorini, Hawaiian Islands and Canary Islands)”.

Patrizia Iantorno, Chief Commercial Officer of Swan Hellenic, says: “We’re very proud to announce these new Explore Space at Sea cruises with our partners at SETI. They take us from the end of the Antarctic Season through until November 2024, offering 9 very different opportunities for curious minds to see what others don’t, both on Earth and beyond”.

All these extraordinary Explore Space at Sea cruises are already available to book on the Swan Hellenic Website.

(Swan Hellenic releases full details of its 2024 SETI Explore Space at Sea Cruises – Swan Hellenic)