MedCruise kickstarts the New Year with a Professional Training Program for its members

MedCruise kickstarts the New Year with a Professional Training Program for its members  (Image at - January 2024)MedCruise starts in Genoa a professional training for its members focused on environmental and social sustainability that will last three days thanks to the collaboration with MSC Cruises.

MedCruise activity starts today (Jan.15, 2024) with the first Professional Development Course of the year.

42 Port and destination members will embark at the Port of Genoa on board the MSC Fantasia for a three-day training focused on environmental and social sustainability, as well as circular economy in the cruise sector. This training has been made possible thanks to the collaboration and sponsorship of MSC Cruises and 26 port professionals, 6 cruise related associate members from 11 countries will further familiarise with the topic of environmental and social sustainability in the cruise industry.

The training will last three days, including a call in La Spezia where delegates will be able to experience a sustainable-friendly visit to the destination kindly organised by the Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, a member of MedCruise.

The MedCruise Professional Development Course marks a significant step towards fostering a more sustainable and responsible cruise industry, and MSC Cruises’ commitment to supporting such initiatives underscores the collective dedication to positive change within the sector.

Michele Francioni, Senior Vice President MSC Cruises, Ivana Melillo, Head of Energy Efficiency and Funded Projects, MSC Cruises and Marieta García, President of GEA, Gestión y Estudios Ambientales, will be the distinguished lecturers for this three-day professional development course.

MedCruise President Figen Ayan, emphasised that: “The great challenge facing the cruise industry in the future will be to combine the ever-growing market demand with products that meet the expectations of an increasingly diverse public, while appealing to new generations. All of this, supported by strong collaborations between all stakeholders and including environmental objectives or legislation to go beyond through technological development and innovation to make this important economic sector more and more sustainable”.

Francesca Antonelli, MedCruise Senior Vice President and Professional Development director, and Cruises Manager of the Port Authority of Valencia, addressed the media on a press conference held in Genoa on January 15th, 2024, unveiling the details of the training program.

Specialised technicians from MSC will take the delegates on a tour of areas of the ship not accessible to the public, engaging in discussions on repurposing, waste reduction, water conservation, advanced wastewater treatment systems, and energy consumption monitoring. Participants will also join workshops organised in small groups, focusing on vessel efficiency, fuel flexibility, exhaust gas cleaning systems and other recent measures adopted by cruise ships for increased efficiency. To inspire immediate action upon their return to ports and destinations, a dedicated session will raise awareness of the social and environmental significance of selective waste separation and recycling, responsible water and waste food usage, fostering a sustained commitment to these practices in daily life and the work environment.

(MedCruise kickstarts the New Year with a Professional Training Program for its members – MedCruise)