Swan Hellenic announces its 2024 Maris cruises with a bold new cohort of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs Chefs

Swan Hellenic (Logo)Swan Hellenic has announced its 2024 Maris cultural expedition cruises with JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, the gourmet organisation for chefs under 40 who have already won international acclaim, including Michelin stars to their name.

For 2024, Maris offers a choice of 10 expertly curated cruises, from Antarctica to the Mediterranean, Europe, Scandinavia and the Arctic – six on SH Diana and four on SH Vega.

As the pioneer of cultural expedition cruising, Swan Hellenic is the choice of adventurous minds across the generations seeking in-depth exploration of the Arctic, Antarctic and Rest of the World – from Brazil to the Bijagós Archipelago, Norway to Nova Scotia, Argentina to Africa, and Madagascar to the Mediterranean.

Maris brings a different JRE rising star aboard each in a series of exclusive cultural expedition cruises on Swan Hellenic’s elegant boutique designer ships, SH Diana and SH Vega. Exploring the celebrated culinary creativity that has made their chef’s name, Swan Hellenic’s guests enjoy a unique double voyage of discovery.

Serving a different signature dish every night, the Maris chef surprises and delights throughout the voyage, leading up to an extraordinary Gala Dinner that fully showcases their creativity and skills, driven by a passion for tradition, sustainability and quality local ingredients. Each Maris chef also shares their expertise with a cooking show that reveals secrets of their art, and leads gastronomic excursions ashore to explore the local-culinary traditions and specialities. Plus, of course, they mix and socialise with guests throughout their voyage in the Swan Hellenic tradition.

It is this extraordinary combination that makes Maris an irresistible experience in high-end cruise gastronomy.

The JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs star chefs lined up for the Maris sailings in 2024 include (in order of sailing) Silvia Manser from Switzerland (with sommelier husband Thomas – 17 nights exploring the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula on SH Diana, departing Ushuaia on 21 January 2024), Gregory Doucey from France (10 nights on SH Vega, departing Lisbon for Portsmouth on 14 May 2024), Rob Krawczyk from Ireland (Michelin star – 12 nights on SH Vega, departing Dublin for Reykjavik on 4 June 2024), Cristoph Hunziker from Switzerland (10 nights on SH Diana, departing Tromsø on 10 July 2024 to explore Svalbard), Nicolai Wiedmer from Germany (12 nights on SH Diana, departing Tromsø for Scotland, England and the Netherlands on 20 July 2024), Eric van Bochove from the Netherlands (Michelin star – 10 nights on SH Diana, departing Amsterdam for Lisbon on 1 August 2024), Sören Herzig from Austria (8 nights on SH Vega, departing Reykjavik on 10 August 2024 for full a circumnavigation of Iceland), Sergio Tofe from Spain (10 nights on SH Diana, departing Lisbon for Palermo on 10 August), Nikita Sergeev from Italy (8 nights on SH Diana, departing Palermo on 20 August for a complete circumnavigation exploration of Sicily), and Alexandra Müller from Switzerland (Michelin star – 16 nights exploring the Northwest Passage on SH Vega, departing Kangerlussuaq in Greenland on 9 September).

Two pairs of cruises in the 2024 Maris series – all aboard SH Diana – can be daisy-chained to create extraordinary double voyages of gastronomic exploration departing from Tromsø in July and Lisbon in August.

Daniel Lehmann, President of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, says: “We’re immensely proud of the spectrum of talents our partnership will be bringing Swan Hellenic voyagers in 2024, creating dining experiences to match and enhance their explorations aboard and ashore”.

Andrea Zito, Swan Hellenic’s CEO, says: “Swan Hellenic and JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs are excited to announce this new Maris series for 2024, born of our uncompromising quest to share experiences of the exceptional”.

(Swan Hellenic announces its 2024 Maris cruises with a bold new cohort of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs Chefs – Swan Hellenic)