AIDA Winter Routes 2025/2026 are now available for booking

AIDA Cruises (Logo)An extensive selection of AIDA voyages for the 2025/26 winter season is now available for booking.

Sunny destinations include the Caribbean, South Africa, the Canary Islands, the Orient, the Seychelles and Mauritius. Cruises to Northern Europe are also available.

Cruises in and around Africa

This exotic diamond lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean: the dream island of Mauritius with its fine, white sandy beaches, turquoise-blue lagoons and impressive coral reefs that stretch for some 170 km along the coast. But AIDA also offers destinations in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, such as the islands of La Réunion, Madagascar and the Seychelles. Vacationers experience exotic wonderlands with a unique variety of animals and plants.

The African continent is an adventurer’s paradise: safari tours with the chance to see the “Big Five,” Table Mountain rising majestically over Cape Town, the storm-tossed Cape of Good Hope, deserts, beaches and much more. AIDA Tip: Street food events, microbreweries, guided foodie tours and affordable Michelin-starred restaurants: Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, has a colorful and, above all, delicious cuisine. Be sure to try some of the region’s delicious indigenous dishes, such as spicy chakalaka or rice porridge pap.

Mauritius & Seychelles as well as South Africa will be served by AIDAstella in winter 2025/2026.

Cruises in the Caribbean

Tropical rainforests, turquoise seas with crystal-clear water and palm-fringed dream beaches enchant vacationers every winter. AIDA’s tip: Stand-up paddling offers a completely new view of the paradisiacal coastline. The sport of the former kings of Hawaii offers unique perspectives and is a great full-body workout.

AIDA cruises in the Caribbean are offered in winter 2025/2026 by AIDAperla, and, for the first time, also by AIDAblu and AIDAsol.

Cruises in the Arabian Gulf

Fairytale lands with stories from the Arabian Nights, unforgettable desert adventures and colorful oriental markets – welcome to the fascinating Orient! First and foremost, Dubai is a city of superlatives in every sense of the word. Huge skyscrapers like the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa rise like modern ivory towers in this glittering metropolis. AIDA’s tip: You can find everything your heart desires and much more in the souks. From the world’s largest gold market to perfume, textile and spice souks, everything is close together and offers a completely new view of the pulsating metropolis.

Experience the Orient with AIDAprima in winter 2025/2026. Destinations will include the Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Sultanate of Oman.

Cruises around the Canary Islands & Madeira

Spectacular cliffs, miles of white or black beaches, rugged volcanic landscapes: the diversity of the Canary Islands offers the right island for every taste – for hiking, relaxing or surfing. The perfect complement is Madeira, the fascinating flower island in the middle of the Atlantic. Nature lovers will enjoy a visit to the Jardim Botânico botanical garden. A trip to Funchal’s colorful market hall or a basket-sleigh ride from the local mountain, Monte, will make for unforgettable vacation memories. AIDA tip: In February 2026, Tenerife will host the world’s second-largest carnival. For nearly two weeks, the capital Santa Cruz and the entire island will celebrate day and night.

The Canary Islands and Madeira will be visited by AIDAcosma and AIDAmar in winter 2025/2026.

Cruises in Northern Europe

For those who want to experience the Northern Lights in Northern Europe, the best time to travel is from September to March. But it’s not just the light spectacle that makes winter in the north so appealing: Scandinavia captivates travelers with its beautiful nature, coastal and lake landscapes, and the people’s joie de vivre. These impressions can be combined with great shopping opportunities and, during the Christmas season, with a very special hygge atmosphere. AIDA’s tip: If you’re looking for souvenirs in Norway, it’s best to ask for the tax-free voucher in the shops, as the VAT on the goods purchased can be refunded when you leave the country.

Between November 2025 and April 2026, AIDAnova will sail from Hamburg to Norway and the metropolises of Western Europe.

Globetrotter Tours

You can’t get more AIDA than this! On a Globetrotter cruise, you can combine a variety of destinations. AIDAblu sails from Corfu to the Caribbean, AIDAprima from Hamburg to Dubai and AIDAstella from Antalya or Cape Town to the Indian Ocean. AIDA’s tip: On many transatlantic or globetrotter itineraries, guests can save themselves a long-haul flight and enjoy extra-long pleasure at sea.

Smart booking: Advantages for early bookers

When booking at the AIDA PREMIUM rate, you can expect an Early Bird Plus discount of up to 900 euros for winter departures in 2025/2026 if you book by April 30, 2025. The contingent is limited and applies to the 1st and 2nd person in the cabin. Other benefits of the AIDA PREMIUM fare include the cabin of your choice, the AIDA Rail&Fly ticket valid throughout Germany, as well as two bottles of mineral water and a 250 MB Internet package on board every day.

(AIDA Winter Routes 2025/2026 are now available for booking – AIDA Cruises)