Trondheim, Norway, applies for OPS funding as it records the best season yet

Trondheim is due to receive 108 calls and about 177,000 passengers this year, with just one still to come on December 6.

Of the total, two calls were made to Hitra, which became part of the port on January 1 2023, and three to Froya.

This year the port invested in new polyurethane fenders and a steel plate upgrade to support these Yokohama-fenders. “Our new fenders do not leave any stains on the ships’ side of the cruiseships and enables for smoother mooring alongside. Thereby ships do not need to paint as often and save both the environment and workload,” explains Maria Kuhnl Undheim, marketing manager cruise Trondheim Port Authority.

The authority is applying for funding to install onshore power (OPS) at its main cruise quay. At present it can offer shore power on the smaller quay to Hurtigruten Expeditions and Mystic Cruises, since they have vessels using 50 Hz frequency. For example, Otto Sverdrup plugged in 10 times this season and 11 times in 2022.

Once the results of the application are known, building can begin with the earliest operation date being 2026. Given the depth and length of the main cruise quay, all of the vessels calling today could potentially use the future facility. Both 50HZ and 60Hz will be available. The plan is to be able to provide the ships with up to 12mW.

A new excursion manual will be ready by the end of this year. Highlights include new full-day tours created outside of Trondheim, as well as the return of a very popular home visit. “Visit Bjorn is a culinary and entertaining delight,” says Kuhnl Undheim.

In addition Trondheim is to host two major events in the future: 2024 Host of Cooking Championship Bocuse D’or (the city was awarded the title of European Region of Gastronomy in 2022) and 2025 host of FIS World Ski Championship.

(Trondheim, Norway, applies for OPS funding as it records the best season yet – Cruise Europe, Trondheim HavnTrondheim Port Authority)