Larnaca welcomes Norwegian Gem for its inaugural call – MedCruise

Larnaca welcomes Norwegian Gem for its inaugural call - MedCruise  (Image at - November 2023)A historic day unfolded at Larnaca Port, Cyprus, on November 15th as the majestic Norwegian Gem, stretching 294 meters, made its inaugural call with a complement of 2350 passengers.

A festive welcome awaited the passengers, immersing them in the rich local heritage through traditional dances and a delightful array of Cypriot pastries.

The day was further marked by a significant exchange of plaques, symbolizing the strong partnership and mutual respect between the cruise line and the port. Esteemed attendees included the ship’s captains, Norwegian Cruise Line’s founder, Mr Panos Alexandrou, Larnaca’s Mayor, Mr. Andreas Veras, Port General Manager, Mr. Paris Dimitriou, and renowned Cruise Consultant Mr. Ioannis Bras.

Larnaca Port is not just a gateway to breathtaking experiences but is also on the cusp of a transformative era. With a multi-development project worth over 1.5 billion euros underway, the port is set to enhance its capacity with new facilities, terminals, luxurious hotels, apartments, villas, and a state-of-the-art marina.

During discussions with the captain, our team showcased Larnaca’s myriad offerings as a cruise destination, highlighting its convenient proximity to the city centre and airport.

Another highlight of Larnaca is its array of unique excursions that promise to leave an indelible mark on the memories of our visitors.

As Larnaca Port evolves into a modern, world-class destination, it continues to uphold the warmth and hospitality that the Mediterranean is renowned for.

We look forward to welcoming more voyagers to our shores and creating unforgettable experiences together.

(Larnaca welcomes Norwegian Gem for its inaugural call – MedCruise, Larnaca Port)