New shoreside power facilities for the cruise and ferry hub – Port of Genoa

The port of Genoa  (Courtesy MedCruise)On 30 October construction works commenced in Genoa’s cruise and ferry hub for the installation of new shoreside power facilities to enable passenger vessels, docking at the terminals, to switch off the generators and plug into an electrical power grid, with a subsequent immediate sharp reduction in carbon emissions and noise pollution.

The provision of onshore power to cruise and ferry ships forms part of a far-reaching policy adopted by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority to accelerate the transition of the Ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado Ligure towards the deployment of clean energy since the Ligurian maritime hubs, specifically the passenger terminals, sit in the heart of the city centres.

To date, site preparation is underway for the future construction work and to pave the way for the forthcoming detection and clearance of unexploded ordnances on the part of a team of experts. The project to install the new power generation unit foresees the completion of the first phase with the provision of 20 MWh to serve up to three cruise ships simultaneously and, subsequently, the second phase which will boost the energy supply up to 42 MWh to serve the adjacent ferry terminals.

Onshore power supply is already available in Genoa’s Shipyard Refitting Area and at the PSA Genova Pra’ container terminal. With the completion of construction works at the passenger hub, scheduled for 2025, the Ports of Genoa has the ambition to rank amongst the future top sustainable ports and reach its main target to become carbon-neutral.

(New shoreside power facilities for the cruise and ferry hub – Port of Genoa) (MedCruise)