Aurora Expeditions has released its new season for Arctic & Beyond 2025 voyages

Adventure to the World’s Wild Places with Aurora Expeditions’ Arctic & Beyond 2025 Season - Image credits: Mads Peter Iversen (Image at - November 2023)Australia’s Aurora Expeditions, has released its new season for Arctic & Beyond 2025 voyages, including four brand new expeditions and seven Ultimate Adventure voyages that allow adventurous travelers to explore further and longer on the company’s new purpose-built small expedition ships, the Greg Mortimer and the Sylvia Earle.

Aurora Expeditions’ new Arctic & Beyond season features a comprehensive array of departures to the unique and varied destinations of the region including Greenland – whose east, south, west, and northwest coasts will be explored – Svalbard, Norway, Iceland and Canada’s High Arctic via the famed Northwest Passage.

Also included are the company’s popular voyages to destinations such as Costa Rica and the British Isles.

“We are thrilled to launch our new season, where we will continue to bring our expeditioners to incredible destinations where nature reigns supreme, and where few others venture,” said Hayley Peacock-Gower, Chief Marketing Officer of Aurora Expeditions. “This season promises to deliver life-changing and meaningful adventures, iconic wildlife, connection with local communities, and a focus on protecting the destinations we visit; all guided by our expert team who always follows the experience.”

Aurora is also making it simpler to reach the embarkation point for its bestselling Svalbard itineraries from 2025 by introducing included charter flights from Oslo to Longyearbyen.

“This season has been designed with adventure, immersion, and exploration in mind, while also catering for the interests of our global passengers,” said Justin Ewin, Aurora Expeditions’ Global Head of Product. “Along with including new charter flights to simplify our passengers’ journeys, we have introduced shorter voyages that appeal to the North American and Asian markets, as well as longer, ‘Ultimate Adventure’ voyages which are more frequently desired by Australian, New Zealand and European passengers. We are also excited to be exploring new frontiers, where we intend to venture further afield in northwest Greenland than we have before.”

New expeditions include:

Spitsbergen: Realm of the Ice Bear
Oslo/Oslo, June 16 – 23, 2025 on the Greg Mortimer – Focusing on the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago, the expedition will slice through pack ice to find walrus and bearded seals, and sail along spectacular fjords surrounded by jagged mountains that pierce the sky. Voyagers will keep their eyes peeled for polar bears hunting on the ice while guillemots nest in high cliffs away from the hungry jaws of arctic fox. Travelers will stretch their legs on walks across the tundra, and discover historical camps of explorers and hunters.

Iceland’s Westfjords & North Coast
Reykjavik/Reykjavik, Juny 28 – -Aug. 5, 2025 on the Sylvia Earle
Explore Westfjords, one of the most remote and pristine regions in Iceland, while discovering diverse landscapes with thundering waterfalls, lava fields that breathe steam, and verdant valleys that stretch beyond the horizon. In Húsavík, voyagers will keep their eyes peeled and cameras ready to catch the fluke of a whale’s tail as it takes a deep dive. Atlantic puffins can be found in large numbers in Iceland, and the expedition plans to encounter these delightful creatures as often as possible.

Southern Greenland: On the Trail of the Vikings
Reykjavik/Toronto, Aug. 4 – 17, 2025 on the Sylvia Earle
Experience the enormity of Greenland, where jagged peaks pierce azure skies, and countless glaciers snake their way toward the coast. Zodiac-cruise along fjords where travelers might get a glimpse of ringed seals lazing on sea ice calved from Greenland’s enormous ice sheets. Sail along Prince Christian Sound, flanked by imposing mountains. Verdant pastures in south Greenland signal the presence of human settlement and the Viking ruins of Erik the Red, which still stand at Hvalsey.

Wild Landscapes of West Greenland
Toronto/Toronto, Aug. 15 – 29, 2025 on the Sylvia Earle
Home to the northernmost capital in the world, Nuuk, the west coast of Greenland may be where most Greenlanders live, but travelers are unlikely to encounter many people outside of the capital as there are no roads to connect the townships, meaning flying or sea travel are the only options available. The voyage will push through the sea ice to venture north, where locals see few tourists, to explore hidden bays glittering with icebergs calved from the enormous Greenland ice sheet, and where whales may shelter.

Travelers who are interested in exploring different regions, destinations or activities in a single journey can also embark on one of seven ‘Ultimate Adventures’, which are consecutive voyages that maximize exploration time, offering a broader range of experiences as well as added value savings for passengers. Examples include the 20-day ‘Wild Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland’, the 23-day ‘Arctic Wonders: Iceland & Spitsbergen’, the 26-day ‘Greenland in Depth’ and the 26-day ‘Northern Isles: Scotland & Iceland’.

(Aurora Expeditions has released its new season for Arctic & Beyond 2025 voyages – Aurora Expeditions)