Windstar Cruises and Coral Gardeners Partnership Celebrates One Year Anniversary With the Launch of New Initiatives to Support Coral Reefs

Windstar Cruises (logo)Windstar Cruises celebrates the one-year anniversary of its partnership with Coral Gardeners, a Moorea (French Polynesia)-based organization determined to revolutionize ocean conservation and create a global movement to save the coral reefs through reef restoration, awareness activities, and innovative solutions.

With the collaboration entering its second year, Windstar Cruises has announced new efforts to support Coral Gardeners including the expansion of its coral reef adoption program for cruise guests, new educational shore excursion in Tahiti, and its recently launched informative speaker series on coral reef preservation.

The partnership launched in October 2022 onboard Star Breeze in Moorea with Windstar’s 1,000 adoption donation to Coral Gardeners with the option for all guests sailing on a cruise in French Polynesia to adopt a coral for a $35 per person donation. Windstar has now expanded the program allowing all guests sailing in any destination the opportunity to adopt a coral.

To date, Windstar, along with its guests, have adopted over 2,400 corals and expect to exceed its goal of 2,500 by the end of the year. The cruise line’s goal is to open a dedicated nursery supporting 5,000 corals in 2025.

Beginning in 2024 in Tahiti, when Star Breeze returns to this region with a brand new itinerary including the Marquesas, Windstar will introduce a new shore-excursion taking guests to the Coral Gardeners facility to meet the team, visit the nurseries, and learn about the importance of protecting the corals in a hands-on and interactive way. Staff from Coral Gardeners will explain their process of selecting heat-resistant coral, growing coral in nurseries, and replanting healthy coral on damaged reefs to restore the entire ecosystem and bring back marine diversity.

In an effort to continue to raise awareness, Windstar Cruises has also recently launched an engagement speaker series on board the ships calling in Moorea. The informative lecture by a Coral Gardeners team member raises awareness and educates guests on coral reef preservation. Newly created videos and pamphlets are available to all guests and tour operators globally.

“We are proud of this important partnership with Coral Gardeners and the support and interest from our guests,” shared Windstar President Christopher Prelog. “Having sailed in Tahiti for more than 35 years, Windstar has a deep-rooted relationship with the destination and is excited about the work and positive impact Coral Gardeners is making for the health of our oceans. By working with Coral Gardeners, we can actively contribute to the preservation of these fragile ecosystems and inspire meaningful change.”

(Windstar Cruises and Coral Gardeners Partnership Celebrates One Year Anniversary With the Launch of New Initiatives to Support Coral Reefs – Windstar Cruises)