Meyer Werft conveys cruise ship Carnival Jubilee

Meyer Werft conveys cruise ship Carnival Jubilee (Image at - October 2023)MEYER WERFT’s newest cruise ship, the Carnival Jubilee, is scheduled to leave Papenburg on Monday 30 October 2023 and will be transferred to Eemshaven (Netherlands) on the river Ems.

Arrival in Eemshaven is scheduled for early Tuesday morning, 301 October. After the technical and nautical trials, the Carnival Jubilee will set course for Eemshaven again.

The Carnival Jubilee is the first cruise ship built in Germany for Carnival Cruise Line. Within the MEYER Group, it is also the third ship of the Excel class: the Finnish shipyard MEYER TURKU already delivered the Mardi Gras in 2020, followed by the Carnival Celebration in 2022. All three ships are equipped with low-emission LNG. The highlight for passengers is a roller coaster on board for the first time.

Carnival Jubilee will sail the Ems towards the North Sea again backwards and with the support of two tugs. This way of transfer has proven to be successful due to the better maneuverability.

The transfer of the ship will again be carried out by the team of the pilot brotherhood Emden. The Ems pilots have been performing the maneuvers for many years. The team uses state-of-the-art technology to prepare for a realistic simulation of the Ems river passage in Wageningen (Netherlands).

The passage of Carnival Jubilee down the Ems will take place with the support of the Ems barrage. The duration of the passage will always be kept as short as possible so as not to interfere with navigation on the Ems.

(Meyer Werft conveys cruise ship Carnival Jubilee – Meyer Werft)